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First Minister rules out scrapping Severn Bridge tolls

The First Minister has dashed hopes that the tolls for the Severn Crossings might be scrapped, even after the construction costs are paid off in around five years time.

Carwyn Jones argues that if his government takes over the crossings, the toll money could be used to pay for other improvements on the M4 across South Wales - an idea already suggested by the Chancellor George Osborne.

But with tolls set to increase by up to 3.3% from January, many motorists may be far from happy.

Our reporter Rob Osborne has been speaking to some of them.

1992 archive: Welsh Office minister makes case for tolls

From the ITV Wales/HTV archive: Welsh Office Minister Sir Wyn Roberts MP defends the toll settlement in 1992.

He said that the arrangements were needed to make the Second Severn Crossing viable.

"The Government has done all the thinking that needs to be done" he said.

"Obviously, everyone objects to paying anything. Those who are objecting to paying are really objecting to the Second Severn Crossing"

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