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Assembly pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

Senedd flags at half mast for Nelson Mandela Credit: ITV News, Adrian Masters

Assembly Members will observe a minute's silence in the Senedd and be given time to pay tributes to Nelson Mandela. The Assembly's plenary session will begin earlier than usual in order to accomodate the tribute session. MPs paid their tributes in the Commons on Monday.

Flags outside the Senedd will again be flown at half mast and a book of condolence has also been opened for AMs and members of the public to record their own tributes.

Nelson Mandela Book of Condolence, Senedd Credit: National Assembly for Wales


Senedd pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

A minute's silence will be observed in the National Assembly and AMs will be able to pay tributes to Nelson Mandela when they meet again on Tuesday.

A book of condolence has also been opened in the Senedd.

A Nelson Mandela Book of Condolence has been opened at the Senedd Credit: National Assembly for Wales

Flags have been lowered to half-mast outside the Senedd today and will be lowered again on the day of Nelson Mandela's funeral - Sunday 15th December.

Flags fly at at half-mast outside the Senedd Credit: ITV News / Adrian Masters

Payday loans under discussion at Senedd

Heightening the possible dangers of payday lenders will be discussed Credit: Owen Humphreys / PA

Plans to tackle payday lenders is being discussed in the Senedd today.

There has been a call for legislation to protect people who fall victim to short-term high interest loans.

Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins says the law would improve financial education in schools if the bill is passed.


Anti-fracking groups to gather at Senedd

Fracking has caused controversy in both here in Wales, and around the rest of the UK Credit: PA

Hundreds of campaigners are expected to gather outside the Senedd today to show their concerns against so-called 'fracking' in Wales.

'Fracking' is the term given to a technique used to release gas and oil from shale rock. It involves drilling down before fracturing layers of rock using a pressurised liquid.

Anti-fracking groups such say 'this is not an alternative energy source' and that "the money which is being in invested in ever more extremes of energy extraction should now go into clean energy'

The Welsh Government say given the challenges of the energy sector they understand there is a need to look at the potential of this type of energy resource. However, there is also a need to fully consider the impacts on communities and the environment.

Call for tougher punishments for misbehaving AMs

There's a call for harsher sanctions at the Senedd. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

A group of AMs says misbehaving Welsh Assembly Members should face tougher punishments.

At present, AMs can only be suspended if they breach their code of conduct for a handful of offences like breaking strict financial rules.

But an Assembly committee wants the power to exclude AMs to be extended when Senedd politicians have shown poor "personal conduct".

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