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Severn River Crossing Plc to appear before Welsh Affairs Committee

Credit: PA

The Welsh Affairs Committee will be holding their first evidence session as part of their enquiry into the future of the Severn River crossing today.

The Committee will hear from Philip, General Manager, and James Rawle, Deputy General Manager, of Severn River Crossing Plc.

It is expected that they will focus on the upcoming transition of the crossing to public ownership as well as the day-to-day concerns of motorists.

I am pleased that Severn River Crossing Plc have agreed to appear before the committee to outline what progress has been made ahead of the transfer of the crossings to public ownership. It is important that we are reassured that robust planning is being carried out and a timetable is in place to ensure that there is no disruption to services.

In this inquiry, we also want to know what the people who regularly use the crossings think. On 13 June we will be holding a public event in Chepstow and would welcome your views on how the crossings are run and what would improve your experience.

– David Davies MP, Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee



Severn Bridge tolls to increase in 2016

The new prices will apply to all vehicles crossing the river from England into Wales. Credit: PA/PA Archive/PA Images

The toll prices for vehicles crossing into Wales via the Severn Bridge and second Severn Crossing are set to rise again on the 1st January 2016.

According to Severn River Crossing Plc the "increases are stipulated in the Severn Bridges Act 1992 and adjusted by the Retail Price Index."

New prices:

  • Cars and motor caravans: £6.60 (10p increase)
  • Small goods vehicles and small buses: £13.20 (10p increase)
  • Heavy goods vehicles and buses: £19.80 (20p increase)
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