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Severn Bridge tolls could be VAT free in 2018

The crossing will be in public ownership in four years time. Credit: PA

VAT could no longer be payable on the Severn Bridge tolls once the crossings revert to public ownership in 2018.

Monmouth MP David Davies says he's been given written confirmation from the Transport Minister.

In his letter, the Minister states that once the concession ends - expected to be in 2018 - it would be legally possible to reduce tolls on both the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Second Severn Crossing.

However, the future management and tolling arrangements of the crossings remains unclear as the UK Government has yet to announce what action will be taken after the current concession ends.

Mr Davies said, “We must now demand a clear plan for the post concession period with a significant reduction in the tolls,” he added.

Evidence to be given on future of Severn crossings

The second Severn crossing was opened in 1996 Credit: Barry Batchelor, PA

The future of tolls on the Severn bridge will take a step forward today when Transport minister Stephen Hammond gives evidence to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee.

The committee will ask Mr Hammond to provide an update on the Government's plans for the crossings and the level of tolls when the bridges revert to public ownership. Uncertainties surrounding the future ownership of the severn bridges will also be explored by the committee.


  1. Owain Phillips

South West challenge to Welsh Severn toll plans

Politicians who want the Welsh Government to take control of the Severn crossings and their millions of pounds of toll income have been challenged by a leading businessman.

It is estimated the bridges will come into public ownership in 2018.

A leading accountant based in Bristol is warning that the money belongs to the whole of the UK.

Severn bridges 'shouldn't just belong to Wales'

Future toll revenues from the Severn bridges could go to the Welsh Government. Credit: PA

Businesses in Bristol are up in arms at the prospect of devolving the Severn bridges along with the revenue from the tolls direct to the Welsh Government.

First Minster Carwyn Jones has recently hinted he would be interested in taking control of the structures around 2018.

One leading businessman in the South West of England says they are a UK-wide asset and not just a Welsh asset.