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Three in hospital after Newport shooting

Three people are in hospital after a shooting incident near the Crosshands Pub on Chepstow Road in Newport yesterday evening.

Two vehicles were involved in the incident, which was reported to the police at approximately 11.30pm last night.

Pellets were fired from what is believed to be a shotgun in one vehicle, causing the second vehicle to crash.

One woman suffered back injuries as a result of the collision.

A man in the same car suffered minor injuries, while a second man is being treated for non life-threatening head injuries from the pellets fired.

Technology helping visually impaired hit the mark

As a young boy, Lyndon Powell used to shoot at tin cans with his father.

He's still practising the sport - but today he relies on his ears, not his eyes, to hit the target.

Lyndon, who began to lose his sight at the age of 17, is one of many who attend Tondu shooting club.

There, a new facility is helping blind and visually impaired people enjoy shooting practice.

Nicola Hendy went to meet them.


Visual impairment "no difference" for shooting

"Visually impaired people and shooting sounds a strange combination but it is really happening and we are all very excited.

This is one of the very few facilities available for people with a visual impairment around. I've had a go and for the first time the fact that I am completely blind made no difference. It was a completely level playing field. I managed to score four bulls-eyes out of five!"

– Julie Thomas, chair of visually impaired society Bridgevis

New kit for visually impaired shooting

The old range at Tondu Target Shooting Club has been adapted for the visually impaired Credit: Tondu Target Shooting Club

A brand new shooting range for the visually impaired is being opened today in Bridgend. Specially adapted equipment using lights and sound technology allows shooters to hit their targets.

The new facility at Tondu Target Shooting Club - which has existed under various names since the 19th century - has been launched with the help of Julie Thomas, who lost her sight four years ago.