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  1. James Wright

Tuesday's Weather

There was plenty rain around last night, but now that's cleared it's back to the now familiar pattern of sunny spells and showers. In fact this week feels almost identical to last week where we started with Easter Monday's deluge followed by the showers.

Showers will continue build this afternoon around the country, some of them turning heavy. Don't be surprised to see them turning heavy and thundery. It will feel cool in the strong blustery winds and even cooler in those showers.

Tonight, some rain around in the south and some showers lingering. Chilly in the clear spells with temperatures low enough for a touch of ground frost!

It's a repeat performance tomorrow with more sunny spells and showers.


  1. James Wright

Saturday's Weather

Cloudy across the south of Wales but things should brighten up a touch as sunny spells move in from the north. A few showers are dotted around. Temperature-wise it will be feeling rather cool thanks to a north-northeasterly breeze.

Tonight, cold and frosty with clearing skies.

Tomorrow, fine and settled with the odd chance of a shower. The weather will be turning more unsettled during the week.