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  1. Nick Powell

First Minister backs Syrian airstrikes if Prime Minister sets clear objectives

First Minister Carwyn Jones has given qualified support to the RAF bombing Isis targets in Syria but he told AMs that the Prime Minister needs to explain who would provide the forces on the ground to complete the task and bring peace.

Questioned by Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies, the First Minister confirmed that he had no objection in principle to extending air raids on Iraq to include Syria.

There's no difference between Iraq and Syria at the moment, the border has effectively disappeared. What concerns me is that we should not do what happened in Iraq, more than a decade ago, to take military action without thinking what the end game is.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Mr Jones acknowledged that his view was different to some in the Labour party. Mr Davies told him that both as First Minister and as Labour's most senior elected politician he had a responsibility to ensure support for Britain's armed forces once they were sent into combat.


Flu 'has arrived in Wales'

Computer graphic of flu virus. Credit: DPA DEUTSCHE PRESS-AGENTUR/DPA/PA Images

Public Health Wales say flu has arrived in Wales.

Officials say it is unlikely that the virus is circulating widely yet, but 17 cases have so far been confirmed compared to six at the same time last year.

Statistics available so far this year are concerning – we have seen more cases of confirmed flu, but fewer people taking up the vaccine. This is a very worrying combination.

Having the flu vaccination remains the best protection against flu, and I am strongly and very seriously urging all those who are in key health risk groups to get it now, if they haven’t already done so. Most years the vaccine gives protection against three different types of flu virus and we have already identified these three types of flu in Wales this autumn.

– Dr Richard Roberts, Public Health Wales


  1. Rob Osborne

To ban or not to ban? Health committee undecided over e-cigs

A group of influential AMs can't agree whether to support the Welsh Government's proposal to ban E-cigarettes in indoor public places.

An Assembly health committee are split over e-cigarettes Credit: PA

The health committee was largely split over party lines with Labour members supporting the move with most other members disagreeing.

The Health minister Mark Drakeford wants to extend the current indoor smoking ban to include the devises. He fears they re-normalise smoking and act as a so called 'gateway' to children.

But examining the proposal the committee heard conflicting evidence from a range of groups. While health boards and public health bodies said the move was necessary as a percussion while other groups like Cancer Research UK and ASH saying a potential ban could be harmful.

The report will be examined by AMs with a vote likely on the ban early next year.

Police officers convicted of stealing £10,000

Two corrupt officers from South Wales Police have been convicted of stealing £10,000 during a raid.

Police officers Michael Stokes and Stephen Phillips have been found guilty Credit: Athena Pictures

Former Detective Sergeant Stephen Phillips, 47, from Swansea and Detective Constable Michael Stokes, 35, from Glynneath, stole bundles of banknotes during a raid on a suspected drug dealer - and more later during a formal cash count at their police station.

"Today’s convictions are the result of a thorough and determined investigation carried out by South Wales Police that evidences our commitment to tackling and rooting out corruption within the force.

“Police officers hold positions of trust and need to set the highest of standards when serving the people of South Wales. These officers have betrayed that trust with their actions.

“These men are now starting prison sentences, and this, I hope, sends out a clear and unequivocal message that South Wales Police will identify and deal with anyone who engages in this type of corrupt behaviour.”

– Asst Chief Con Jon Stratford, South Wales Police

A third officer originally on trial was discharged earlier in proceedings.

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