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  1. Ruth Wignall

Weather warnings for the weekend!

The Met Office has issued a number of weather warnings for Wales this weekend, as things turn wintry once again!

Strong easterly winds will develop early on Saturday morning with some very strong gusts on the western side of high ground. Gusts of 60 mph are possible in places with a low likelihood of isolated 70 mph gusts. Winds will then ease from the north from later Saturday morning.

Not all places will see snow showers but where they do occur they may be organised into bands, resulting in locally 3 to 6 cm accumulating. Some melting of lying snow is expected during the middle of the day. There is a lower likelihood that more widespread falls of 5 to 10 cm may affect parts of the area, with 10 to 20 cm on hills. Ice and significant wind chill will be further hazards.


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