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Meet Florence and Glenys the UK's oldest twins

The pair were born in Abertridwr in 1911 Credit: Abermill Care Home

A pair of Welsh sisters have been crowned the UK's oldest living twins after celebrating their 103rd birthday together.

Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas were born on the 22nd November 1911 and grew up in Abertridwr.

The first identical twins to be born in the Aber Valley, they've spent most of their lives living next door to each other.

Now living at the Abermill Care Home in Caerphilly, the pair have five children, twelve grandchildren and nineteen great grandchildren.

'Removing the Blindfold'- All Wales Anti-Slavery Conference

Delegates from across the UK will today attend the All Wales Anti-Slavery Conference being held in Llandudno.

Speakers include the new UK Independent Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland as well as North Wales Police, who will outline future plans to tackle the problem.

The conference will also here emotionally charged accounts from survivors of human trafficking.

It comes at a time when there are growing concerns over a rise in slavery and human trafficking in Wales, with reports doubling last year.

The event hopes to bring together key players in Wales and the UK's fight against modern slavery, as well as host of support groups.

"human trafficking is a 'serious and organised crime' with those involved likely to be involved in the other serious crimes like drug production, kidnapping and the criminal use of firearms and so it's imperative we identify and prosecute those responsible and make our communities safer"

– Detective Supt. Mark Pierce
North Wales Police are asking people to use #AWASC15 or #antislavery to spread awareness Credit: NWP
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