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Wales must be offered same powers as Scotland

Plaid Cymru has welcomed the Smith Commission's plan for future devolution to Scotland but says it's disappointed that it 'doesn't fulfil' the promises given to Scottish voters during the independence referendum campaign.

Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards says Wales must now be offered the same powers as those offered to Scotland.

Plaid Cymru believes that Wales is as much of a nation as Scotland, and powers made available to Scotland should also be made available to Wales.

We warned during the passage of the Wales Bill that it would be superseded by events in Scotland, and that has been proved by the proposals of the Smith Commission.

The challenge is now for the Welsh branches of the London parties to explain, if these powers are good enough for Scotland why aren’t they good enough for Wales?

– Jonathan Edwards MP, Plaid Cymru


Plaque to be unveiled at birthplace of explorer Edgar Evans

A blue plaque will be unveiled today at Middleton Hall Cottage near Rhossili to mark the birthplace of Welsh polar explorer Edgar Evans.

Evans died at the foot of the Beardmore Glacier exactly a month after he'd reached the Pole Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Edgar Evans was born in 1876 and was one of just five in Captain Scott's expedition party to reach the South Pole in 1912.

Upon arrival they found they had been beaten by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen's group by 33 days.

All five later died from a combination of starvation, exhaustion and extreme cold on their return from the Pole. Gower-born Evans died at the foot of the Beardmore glacier exactly a month after reaching the Pole.

Now a century after the explorer left for the pole, a blue plaque will be unveiled to celebrate his life and achievements.

Edgar Evans, Henry Bowers, Dr Edward Wilson and Captain Scott enjoying a hot meal in their tent, Credit: PA
Captain Scott's expedition party to the South Pole Credit: Cambridge University, PA

Report on sport warns 'take action now or end up with a nation on the sofa'

'We must take action now or we'll have a nation sat on the sofa' - That's the warning from a report launched today by the Sport Wales Advisory Group.

It claims an increasingly ageless society, digital technology and an 'on demand' culture will have serious implications on the future of Welsh sport unless action is taken now.

"Sporting authorities in Wales are understandably focusing short-term attention on funding cycles while nearly 10 per cent of four and five year olds in Wales are classed as obese. The world around us is certain to undergo transformations in the way we live, work and play over the next 12 years, we must take action now to make sure sport is still relevant to people's lives in the near future."

– Helen Humphrey, Sport Wales Advisory Group Chair

Working with trend forecasters the board found that in order to improve the health of the nation, sport and physical activity need to be relevant and accessible to everyone.

The report stresses the importance of using social media to package and promote sport and providing activities for an ageing demographic who are continuing to take part in sport well in to their 60s and 70s.

It also highlights that team sports - with their regular training sessions and scheduled games - face a huge battle. Competing against other pressures such as family, work and leisure activities the report says team sports will need to be innovative and flexible in order to survive.

The report found team sports must become more flexible Credit: PA


Link Wales to Northern powerhouse says Crabb

The Welsh Secretary is making a series of visits across the north

The Welsh Secretary is expected to say he wants the North of Wales to build links to the UK Government's planned Northern English powerhouse.

He's starting a two day tour of the region during which he'll visit a range of key sites, meet businesses and other organisations.

And in a speech at the annual Daily Post business awards, he's expected to say:

North Wales is a beacon for investment and jobs - a Northern Powerhouse for the Welsh economy. This government has a long-term economic plan that creates the right conditions for growth in North Wales - a recovery that is broad based and balanced; that reaches into every region of the UK, so that London and the South-east don’t suck in the best at the expense of the rest.

North Wales is not just an economic region in itself, it is part of a wider community – not just South to Swansea and Cardiff, but North and East to Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Humberside.

The Northern Powerhouse the Chancellor has spoken about is not exclusive - not restricted to England. It’s about linking the northern regions, including North Wales, to trade, grow, attract private investment, and attract the best people. Business leaders in North Wales are the driving force behind the economic recovery in Wales and the people that are making North Wales our own Northern Powerhouse.

– Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales
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