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Poll puts health as voters' greatest concern

People were asked to name the most important issues facing the country Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Welsh voters seem in no doubt that health the is the most important political issue at the moment, according to a YouGov poll for ITV Cymru Wales. Concerns about the NHS are likely to have a big impact on how people vote in the Westminster election, although it's the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

People were asked to name the most important issues facing the country. Here's their top four:

  • Health 52%
  • Immigration & Asylum 49%
  • The Economy 46%
  • Welfare benefits 27%

Next, they were asked what were the most important issues facing them and their families, producing a rather different top four concerns:

  • Health 47%
  • The Economy 39%
  • Pensions 27%
  • Welfare benefits 20%

Immigration came sixth on 18%, just behind tax on 19%. In general, supporters of all parties broadly agreed about the issues facing the country and themselves. The notable exception was UKIP supporters. 85% of them listed immigration as an issue for the country, more than twice as many as picked any other issue.

50% of UKIP voters also saw immigration as an issue for themselves and their families, again making it their main concern.

  • People could pick up to three issues in response to each question.
  • Poll for ITV Cymru Wales and the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University.
  • YouGov poll 24-27 March. Sample of 1189 Welsh adults.


'Be aware' warning of strong winds

The Severn Bridge has partially reopened. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The Met Office has issued a yellow 'be aware' warning of strong winds across the whole of Wales.

It's predicting gusts of up to 70mph in exposed places and says there could be localised damage and minor disruption to travel.

Last night the strongest gust was 97mph at Capel Curig in Snowdonia. A fibreglass roof was blown off an outbuilding in Mountain Ash

The Severn Bridge has partially reopened but there is a speed limit as there is on the Britannia Bridge.

The warning is valid until 7pm.

Barry Island Pleasure Park to reopen fairground this Easter weekend

A deal has been reached to give the keys to the Barry Island Pleasure Park to a local businessman after his bid to bring the park back to its former glory and reopen the park.

Henry Danter recently announced a £20 million plan to bring back the fairground rides and build new apartments.

Read More: Businessman's bid to bring Barry Island Pleasure Park back to former glory

The park has fallen into disrepair in recent years but will be open again this Easter weekend. Credit: ITV Wales

In its heyday, it drew hundreds of thousands of people through its gates, but in recent years Barry Island Pleasure Park has fallen into disrepair.

A team of 25 workers are now working around the clock to restore part of the park in time for this Easter weekend where a funfair will be held.

At its peak, the Barry Island Pleasure Park and beach attracted half a million visitors in just a weekend. Credit: ITV Wales


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