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Warning: contains graphic content .... World first as Welsh man has surgery live on TV

A grandfather from Barry was the first person in the UK to have surgery on live TV this afternoon.

Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Sunil Dolwani performed a colonoscopy on 60-year-old Philip McSparron at Cardiff and Vale University hospital.

Please note the video below is an advertisement for Cancer Research UK and has some graphic content.

Concern grows for missing teenagers from Swansea

South Wales Police are looking for teenagers Ana Sousa and Chloe Davies.

They are both 16 and have been missing since Monday.

Credit: South Wales Police

Ana, who is originally from the Guilford area, and Chloe who is originally from Caerphilly currently live in Swansea.

Ana Sousa is originally from Guildford, but now lives in Swansea. Credit: South Wales Police

They are both believed to be together and were last seen travelling to Cardiff .

They are thought to have links to Croydon, London, Pontypool and Newport areas.

Chloe Davies is from Caerphilly, but now lives in Swansea. Credit: South Wales Police
The girls were spotted travelling to Cardiff on CCTV. Credit: South Wales Police

Anyone with information should call 101.


A man dressed as a beer bottle is being sought by police

A fancy dress thief is being sought by police after allegedly stealing two pizzas while dressed as a beer bottle.

The man is accused of stealing the meals while wearing an outfit resembling a large bottle of Heineken in the early hours of New Year's day.

Credit: South Wales Police

The man was seen entering the kitchen area of a Papa Johns branch in Barry and running off with the takeaway meals.

Police have issued CCTV in their search for the man and asked witnesses to to come forward.

A spokesman for South Wales Police confirmed the force was investigating the theft in Barry, South Wales, in the early hours of New Year's Day.

We all know a few beers often leads to a takeaway, but this brazen beverage seems to have forgotten to pay for his.

This reveller was caught on CCTV at Papa Johns in Holton Road, Barry, before he allegedly entered a staff-only area and helped himself to two pizzas and left without paying.

– South Wales Police spokesperson

Anyone with information should call 101.

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