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Visual impairment "no difference" for shooting

"Visually impaired people and shooting sounds a strange combination but it is really happening and we are all very excited.

This is one of the very few facilities available for people with a visual impairment around. I've had a go and for the first time the fact that I am completely blind made no difference. It was a completely level playing field. I managed to score four bulls-eyes out of five!"

– Julie Thomas, chair of visually impaired society Bridgevis

New kit for visually impaired shooting

The old range at Tondu Target Shooting Club has been adapted for the visually impaired Credit: Tondu Target Shooting Club

A brand new shooting range for the visually impaired is being opened today in Bridgend. Specially adapted equipment using lights and sound technology allows shooters to hit their targets.

The new facility at Tondu Target Shooting Club - which has existed under various names since the 19th century - has been launched with the help of Julie Thomas, who lost her sight four years ago.


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Bristol renew Bridgend rivalry

The dawn of rugby's professional era in the 1990s put an end to many long established fixtures in the calendar. But historic cross-border rivalries will be renewed tomorrow when Bristol travel over the Severn bridge to take on Bridgend in the British & Irish Cup.

Our sports correspondent Matthias Kurth has been digging into the past to find out what made this clash so special.

A proper legacy to inspire a generation

The first Plaid Cymru presser of the new term was hosted by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and Assembly member Bethan Jenkins. The main theme was the need to build on the legacy left to Wales by the Olympics and the Paralympics.

We want to ensure that the inspiration from the Olympic games' success lives on. We want the Welsh Government to take the lead in capitalising in the renewed interest in sport. Small , simple , effective action will now reap rewards for generations to come.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games could be the kick start for the transformation of people's activity levels and the Welsh Government must grab this opportunity with both hands. The Scottish and Northern Irish Governments have all announced far-reaching initiatives to ensure their long lasting legacy. Wales cannot afford to be left behind.

– Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood AM
  • Plaid also say they would like to see a dedicated Sports Minister that could inspire youngsters to oversee policy and increase participation in sport.


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