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Large plane transported by road through Wenvoe

Police helped the aircraft on its way Credit: Nathan Thomas

Traffic in Wenvoe was slowed down this morning as a large aircraft was transported by road through the town.

Vale of Glamorgan Council warned of disruption to traffic when the "large abnormal load" was leaving the MoD site at St Athan.

South Wales Police say the Airbus plane is being taken to Cotswold Airport.

The wings have been removed from the aircraft to make transportation easier Credit: Nathan Thomas


PICTURES: Fairey Gannet aircraft move

A Fairey Gannet aircraft is being transported to St Athan today. The post-WW2 plane was designed to fly from aircraft carriers. Maintenance work will be carried out on the aircraft by Hunter Flying Ltd in Barry.

The Fairey Gannet being transported this morning Credit: Christopher James
The Fairey Gannet being transported this morning Credit: Christopher James
The Fairey Gannet being transported this morning Credit: Christopher James

Welsh military base celebrates 75 years

St Athan first opened in 1938 Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Images

The Royal Air Force will mark 75 years of life and work at its military base in St Athan today.

Military personnel of past and present will gather at the site in the Vale of Glamorgan to celebrate the anniversary.

There will be a church service followed by a parade of trainees and veterans who served from the 1950s onwards.

The event will also include a flypast and a drop by the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team.


New search and rescue fleet

Two Augusta Westland AW-192 helicopters will be based at St Athan Credit: Bristow Helicopters

After winning the contract to take over search and rescue helicopter cover from the RAF, Bristow Helicopters have released details of the new fleet that will be deployed in April 2015.

There will be two helicopters at both its Welsh bases -Caernarfon Airport and the MOD site at St Athan near Barry.

Caernarfon Airport will get two Sikorsky S-92 helicopters Credit: Bristow Helicopters

Caernarfon's Sikorsky helicopters will cover an area of 250 nautical miles around the base and each carry three stretchers and up to 10 seated casualties. Augusta Westlands will cover 200 nautical miles around St Athan and each have room for two stretchers and six seated casualties.

All the helicopters will have a crew of four and be capable of flying at 145 nautical miles an hour.

St Athan to become key training centre for aerobatic display teams

Business Minister, Edwina Hart, visits Hunter Flying's new premises today Credit: ITV Wales News

St Athan will become the key training area for aerobatic display teams from around the UK. Hunter Flying Ltd oversees the maintenance and operation of the largest private collection of classic aircraft of its kind in the world - many of which are used by display teams at airshows.

Hunter Flying relocated its entire operation to South Wales this year as a planned expansion at Exeter Airport, its former base, meant it had to find new premises. Hunter flying is the first private business to move into St Athan Aerospace Business Park.

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