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St Athan to become key training centre for aerobatic display teams

Business Minister, Edwina Hart, visits Hunter Flying's new premises today Credit: ITV Wales News

St Athan will become the key training area for aerobatic display teams from around the UK. Hunter Flying Ltd oversees the maintenance and operation of the largest private collection of classic aircraft of its kind in the world - many of which are used by display teams at airshows.

Hunter Flying relocated its entire operation to South Wales this year as a planned expansion at Exeter Airport, its former base, meant it had to find new premises. Hunter flying is the first private business to move into St Athan Aerospace Business Park.

'Up to 1000 new jobs' at St Athan aircraft site.

An new aerospace firm has announced plans to operate an aircraft repair facility at the Twin Peaks hangar in St Athan.

Cardiff Aviation - led by the Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson - says the development will provide upto 1000 new jobs.

As well as maintenance of airliners and other large aircraft , the firmsays it will have the expertise and approval to certify aircraft from many jurisdictions, including the USA.

South Wales has long had an association with the aircraft industry and I am delighted that I am able to have a small part in the continuation of that tradition.

A cautious projection is that we’d expect to create up to a thousand jobs within 18 months based on the level of interest and commitment from aircraft manufacturers and operators.

– Bruce Dickinson, Cardiff Aviation

Business Minister Edwina Hart said it was "a strong vote of confidence" in the area, particularly in the light of it being named an Enterprise Zone.

“I am particularly pleased to hear the company is keen to take on skilled mechanics previously employed by the Defence Support Group, create hundreds of highly skilled engineering jobs and also plans to establish an on-going apprenticeship programme as the business grows

This is exactly the type of investment needed - bringing money into the local economy while also providing an international promotion for St Athan Aerospace Business Park and the Aviation Enterprise Zone.

– Edwina Hart, Business Minister


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