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Cabinet defends pay and pensions reforms

The Government said "pay restraint" had helped protect jobs and its pensions remain "among the very best available" after civil servants announced a strike:

The Government took the tough decision to freeze public sector pay for two years, while protecting those earning under £21,000 by increasing their pay by at least £250 per year.

Pay restraint has helped to protect jobs in the public sector and support high- quality public services.

In March 2012 we set out our final proposed agreements on pension reform following more than a year of intensive discussions with trade unions.

These reforms will ensure that public sector pensions will remain among the very best available and that they can be sustained for future generations.

– Cabinet Office spokesman


Panic at the pumps

The union representing petrol tanker drivers has promised that there will be no strikes over Easter.

Despite the announcement, there's been little reduction in the numbers of motorists queuing at stations across Wales.

The massive increase in demand has led to another day of intermittent supplies.

ITV Wales has been to one forecourt which ran out of fuel first thing this morning.

The reason why they have run out is simply due to the fact that they have been unable to keep up with the demand, as people are panic buying over fears tanker drivers are to strike.

Normally this particular garage, in Cyncoed in Cardiff, sells 2000 litres of unleaded petrol everyday.

Yesterday they sold 15,000 and this garage isn't unique there is a similar story across the rest of the country.


'Storing petrol at home is a potential hazard'

North Wales Fire Service is warning people that storingpetrol or other fuels at home presents a potential hazard and should be avoideddue to the risks involved. The advice comes after the UK government encouraged people to stock up on petrol ahead of any potential strike by tanker drivers.

It is an offence to store more than the legal limit of fuel, unless you have a licence issued by the Petroleum Licensing Authority. Petrol is a dangerous substance which, when present can dramatically increase the risk of fire.”

– Gary Brandrick, Senior Operations Manager North Wales Fire and Rescue


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