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First Minister backs call for action on Ebola

Training sessions on how to tackle Ebola have been taking place across the world Credit: PA

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has given his backing to a charity's call to combat Ebola. Oxfam is calling for continued and sustained pressure to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

I am delighted that the First Minister is able to support this appeal. Oxfam and other NGOs are currently working to prevent a crisis from developing into a tragedy.

The situation in West Africa could be turned around but this requires an extraordinary outlay of resources, effort and political will, in recognition of the huge long-term impacts of this crisis, in West Africa and beyond, if the UN plan is met, and the unimaginable consequences if the epidemic is not contained.

– Kirsty Davies, Oxfam Cymru
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Plaid leader claims her party's the only real alternative

Although Plaid Cymru's main focus is normally on winning power in the Assembly, it's holding a very Westminster focused conference in Llangollen over the next two days. The party's leader, Leanne Wood, sees her speech later today as an important opportunity to get her General Election message across, as she gets far fewer opportunities than the leaders of other Westminster parties.

Leanne Wood is looking to provide a positive alternative to her political rivals. Credit: Benjamin Wright/PA Wire

She'll call them "four shades of Westminster grey", a four that includes UKIP, the new rival that out polled Plaid in the European election. Leanne Wood claims that Plaid's mission is to provide a positive alternative to what she calls "the dark side of politics". She says she saw that alternative -the politics of hope- when she campaigned for a yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

The Plaid leader says the party could emerge from the election with five Westminster seats, up from its current three, and form a group with its SNP and English Green allies that could hold the balance of power. They would use that influence to push for a move away from austerity in economic policy and demand that policing, justice and control of natural resources are devolved to the Assembly, together with major tax and borrowing powers.



Swansea brothers' bravery recognised after eye cancer battle

Alfie Morris (left), Charlie Morris (right) Credit: Family Photo

Two by MacSmart" style="">brothers from Swansea have received awards in recognition of their courage and bravery, after one of them battled a rare form of cancer. In 2007 Alfie Morris, who was then four months old, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma - a cancer which affects the retina of children.

Over the next two years of his life, Alfie went through intensive treatment to try and combat tumours in both of his eyes. Unfortunately his left eye couldn't be saved.

The boys have been described as 'best buddies' Credit: Family Photo

Now seven years old, Alfie and his nine year old by MacSmart" style="">brother Charlie are being recognised for their outstanding efforts and bravery. Both boys, who attend Burlais Primary School, have been named as champions by the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CECT).

The awards recognise the courage, resilience and patience shown by all children affected throughout their treatment and beyond.

Their mother Rebecca Jones says the boys are best friends as well as brothers.

Alfie has been through a lot in his short life and this award means so much to him. He really is an inspiration to all of us, as is Charlie who has been the perfect brother to Alfie.

They're the best buddies as well as by MacSmart" style="">brothers and Charlie has been there every step of the way for Alfie throughout all the hospital visits, operations, check-ups, at school you name it.

Charlie has been my rock. It hasn't been easy but I'm so proud of the two of them and glad they have been recognised in this way.

– Rebecca Jones, Mother

Supporting Welsh town centres is key to regeneration, says Minister

£7 million has also been granted to projects which directly tackle poverty in Wales' most deprived town centres Credit: PA

Wales will host its second Regeneration Summit later in Swansea.

The key focus of the event, held at the city's Liberty Stadium, will be supporting and revitalising town centres in Wales.

The Welsh Government is investing £102 million over the next three years to support 11 local authorities, including Swansea, to regenerate town centres and high streets.

Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty Lesley Griffiths will speak at the event.

Make no mistake about it, regeneration is central to my work and supports our key aim of tackling poverty in Wales.

By helping to regenerate towns and cities we create much needed housing, encourage more shoppers to visit our high streets and bring local jobs back into the heart of our communities.

It is particularly fitting we are holding our summit in Swansea this year, as the city has benefitted greatly from our regeneration programme.

– Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty
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