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Stabbed man closes Swansea police station

Police in Swansea are currently dealing with an ongoing incident in the city centre which happened began around 3.15pm this afternoon.

Officers say a man presented himself at Swansea Central Police Station with injuries to his arms and face and he was then taken to hospital.

Credit: Google Street View

Two men, aged 28 and 39, have been arrested and are in police custody.

Police officers are in attendance at several locations in connection with the incident and an investigation is continuing.


Campaign to encourage youngsters to register to vote on deadline day

Today is the last chance to register to vote for the General Election, with the registration closing at midnight.

A campaign is trying to encourage youngsters to register and vote. Credit: PA

Since 1950, voter turnout has steadily declined from around 85% to under 65% in 2010.

This has led to huge campaigns aimed at encouraging people to register and vote.

Voter advice organisation Bite the Ballot hosts sessions for young people to help them identify the issues that matter to them, and then urge them to register and vote.

"Young people don't vote but then I just think politics isn't simple. It's not just young people, you've got adults that felt really informed by the end our session so I think it's just making politics simple and understandable."

– Ebun Bola-shdipe, Bite the Ballot


UKIP vow to make allocation of funding fairer for Wales

UKIP in Wales has pledged to replace the Barnett Formula at the launch of its general election manifesto.

UKIP says it would reform the immigration system if in power. Credit: PA

It says it wants to make the allocation of funding to Wales fairer, raise the 40p tax threshold to £55,000 and scrap inheritance tax.

It's also vowed to reform the immigration system by introducing an Australian-style points system.

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