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Young musicians celebrate history of Welsh folk music

Some of Wales' most popular contemporary folk artists will explore and celebrate the shared history and culture of Wales and England.

Artists taking part in the project include: Elan Rhys and Georgia Ruth Williams. Credit: English Folk Dance and Song Society

The musicians will dig into national archives to unearth traditional songs and tunes that have transcended the border and create new material.

The group will develop a new show using the material, songs and information that marks the similarities and embraces the differences of the material uncovered while going through the archives.

The artists will then perform in concerts across the country including Aberystwyth Arts Centre, the Wales Millennium Centre, and at the Cecil Sharp House in London.

The artists will then perform in concerts across the country. Credit: English Folk Dance and Song Society

The Beyond The Marches /Dros y Ffin project has been commissioned by Trac Cymru and the English Folk Dance and Song Society.


South Wales fire crew to help with Nepal rescue efforts

The South Wales Fire and Rescue service has sent a crew to help with the rescue efforts in Nepal following a major earthquake.

Rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors after the devastating earthquake. Credit: PA

The major earthquake has left more than 4,000 dead and thousands injured and homeless.

The crew is part of a 70-strong contingent from across the UK being sent to help the Nepalese rescue service carry our search and rescue operations.

The team of six firefighters have been trained in urban search and rescue environments and are specifically trained for 'collapsed rescues'.

The crew has previously been deployed to New Zealand and Indonesia where they have helped with post-earthquake operations.

Richard Matheson from South Wales Fire and Rescue says the operation will be very difficult.


Welsh travellers fight to get home after Nepal earthquake

Welsh travellers who have survived the earthquake in Nepal are battling to get transport out of the country.

Several climbers from Cardiff and from North East Wales have contacted relatives to say they are safe - as the number of dead tops 4,000.

A Welsh-funded school in the earthquake zone is offering a roof to around 100 local people who have had to flee their homes.

Watch Richard Morgan's report:

Four Welsh men reported safe after Nepal earthquake

ITV News has been told that three men from Wrexham who were thought to be missing after a devastating earthquake in Nepal are safe. A Welsh expatriate, who was also unaccounted for, has been reported safe online.

We have spoken to Joanna Hughes, the sister of Daniel Hughes, who is travelling with Jason Russell and his brother Darren Russell - all from Wrexham.

She said she had been told by the tour company they are travelling with that all three of the men are safe, and are trying to make their way to the British Embassy in Kathmandu.

The men were on a guided trekking tour, around 70km north of Kathmandu, when the earthquake struck.

Huw Alexander Lashmar, originally from Wales and now living in Australia, also appeared on missing lists. But his son has posted on Facebook that they are both safe at Kathmandu Airport.

There have also been a series of avalanches in the Everest region. Mike Hopkins, from Cardiff, was more than 20,000ft up the mountain, but has contacted his wife to say he is safe.

A team of Welsh firefighters have travelled out to help in the rescue efforts in Nepal.

More than 3,000 people have been killed, after the powerful earthquake struck on Saturday.

Visit the ITV News website for continued coverage of the Nepal earthquake

Welshmen among those reported missing following Nepal earthquake

Two men from Wales is among those who have been reported missing following the earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday.

Rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors after yesterday's devastating earthquake Credit: PA

57-year-old Huw Alexander Lashmar, has been listed as missing on a website set-up to help find those in the affected area.

According to the website, Huw Alexander Lashmar was last seen on Saturday in the city of Kathmandu looking for somewhere to have dinner.

Another man's name - Jason Russel from Wrexham appears on another list on a different website.

50-year-old Aidrian Summers also from Wales had been reported missing but ITV Wales understands he has made contact with the company he works for in London.

A third welshman Raymond Williams was also feared to be caught up, but has indicated on the website he is safe.

Rescue efforts in Nepal are continuing after the deadly earthquake killed more than 2,000 people - the country's worst earthquake disaster in more than 80 years.

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