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UKIP vow to make allocation of funding fairer for Wales

UKIP in Wales has pledged to replace the Barnett Formula at the launch of its general election manifesto.

UKIP says it would reform the immigration system if in power. Credit: PA

It says it wants to make the allocation of funding to Wales fairer, raise the 40p tax threshold to £55,000 and scrap inheritance tax.

It's also vowed to reform the immigration system by introducing an Australian-style points system.


Take heart from poll -and take fight to UKIP, First Minister tells Labour

First Minister Carwyn Jones has been talking about the latest Welsh Political Barometer poll, which shows Labour support for next year's Westminster election down to 36%. Two years ago, the party enjoyed 54% support in Wales.

UKIP is the only party showing a gain in support Credit: ITV Wales News

What I take heart from is the fact that despite being in government for 17 years, despite what we've seen happening unfortunately to our colleagues in Scotland, we remain by far the most popular choice for the people of Wales.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Carwyn Jones also said that Labour was ready to take the fight to UKIP, which appears to be on course to become a significant force in the Senedd, according to expert analysis of how people said they would vote in an Assembly election.

Labour still hold the majority with 28 seats Credit: ITV Wales News

We are very keen to combat them by emphasising that UKIP is -when they decide what they stand for- very much a party of the right.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM


  1. Adrian Masters - Political Editor

UKIP unveils two defectors at first Welsh conference

UKIP has unveiled two defectors to the party as it held its first ever Welsh conference near Port Talbot.

The defectors were a former Plaid Cymru councillor from Cardiff and a Conservative councillor from Newport.

Nigel Farage also announced that MEP Nathan Gill would be the party's first leader for Wales.

Our Political Editor Adrian Masters reports:

Newport Tory leader 'disappointed' by defection

The leader of the Conservatives on Newport council says he's disappointed but understands why his colleague William Routley has defected to UKIP. David Fouweather said:

I'm disappointed that we've lost Bill but I understand his reasons. He remains a friend and always will be and I wish him all the best in his new venture.

– Cllr David Fouweather
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Farage: Breastfeeding comments 'wildly misrepresented'

Nigel Farage has told ITV Wales his comments on breastfeeding mothers were "wildly misrepresented".

Ukip leader Nigel Farage speaks to ITV Wales Political Editor Adrian Masters. Credit: ITV Wales/Adrian Masters

The Ukip leader stressed that he was not against breastfeeding, but that he respects the rights of private businesses towards their customers.

Farage's suggestion that breastfeeding mothers should "perhaps sit in the corner" was met with widespread criticism yesterday.

Plaid Cymru: Mohammed Sarul Islam 'has not been an active member of Plaid Cymru for some years'

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