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Farage goes but Ukip has Welsh Assembly in its sights

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of his party after failing to be elected as an MP but says Ukip now has its sights set on doing well at the Welsh Assembly elections in 2016.

Ukip did not win a single seat in Wales. However, the party came second in several areas and had the third largest overall number of votes in Wales.

Ukip's Nathan Gill: 'Plaid may take Ynys Mon seat'

By Ian Lang, Ynys Môn

Ukip's Nathan Gill is speculating that Plaid may well take the Ynys Môn seat, with his party coming in third after Labour.

Plaid Cymru are saying they believe it's going to be close, with much depending on the vote in Holyead.

It could hinge on how many Labour voters take a punt on UKIP - but one observer is saying that, at the moment, the Conservatives seem to be doing better than UKIP.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrat candidate Mark Rosenthal is admitting that it's not likely to be his night, but is still hoping to pick up votes.

But, as one party helper said: "The night is still young."


Welsh UKIP defector rejoins Conservatives

A Welsh defector to UKIP has returned to the Conservative party - less than six months after leaving it.

William Routley had been welcomed to UKIP at its Welsh conference in December by the party's leader Nigel Farage.

Now the former Newport councillor says that he thinks the only way to secure controls on immigration and a renegotiation of Britain's membership of the European Union is by voting Conservative. But he told Political Editor Adrian Masters that he has no regrets about his move.

In terms of Mr Routley's membership: we would say that whilst it is always unfortunate to lose a member, winning votes is what matters, and UKIP are on-course to win millions of votes in this election.

– UKIP Wales spokesman

Meanwhile, UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill told ITV News: "It's no difference to us, one way or the other":

Leanne Wood fires back at Ukip's Nathan Gill

During the Wales Election Debate Nathan Gill said that the Welsh Assembly are 'not dealing with what they have got adequately' after being asked whether the Assembly should have more powers.

Leanne Wood then responded to Gill's claims by saying that the Welsh Assembly are 'not children.'

It follows an analogy he used to explain his point further by saying that 'when my children ask for more food I tell them to finish what's on their plate first.'

Nathan Gill: Ukip will 'fight for British jobs for British people'

In his opening statement, Ukip's Nathan Gill has said that his party has the 'most fair' immigration policies of all of the parties involved in the debate.

He also said that Ukip will 'fight' for British jobs for British people.

Nathan Gill said Ukip has the 'most fair' immigration policies. Credit: ITV News
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