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Wales this Week, Test Tube Triumph

Aimie Dyer was one of the first test tube babies to be born in Wales Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

More than 17,000 people are born every year in the UK after successful IVF treatment. And thirty years ago, Wales this Week was there at the birth of one the very first test tube babies in Wales.

Three decades on, Wales this Week catches up with the Dyer family, and talks to the experts about how IVF treatment has advanced in the last thirty years.

Wales this Week, Test Tube Triumph is on tonight at 8 on ITV Cymru Wales


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Animal welfare campaigners have claimed that working dogs on some Welsh farms are struggling to survive, hidden from view in appalling conditions.

ITV Wales has been given secretly-shot film evidence which suggests that some dogs and their pups are being neglected and mistreated.


Gleision - The Unanswered Questions

Working Plan of the Gleision Colliery Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

There is to be no full inquest into the deaths of four miners at the Gleision Colliery, ITV Wales has learned. The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed it will now be publishing a report on its investigation into the tragedy.

Three years after the fatal flood at Gleision, there are continuing calls for answers into what went wrong from the victims’ families, the mine owners and local MP Peter Hain.

Talking to Wales This Week, he said he would be raising the issue in Parliament.

Mine owner Maria Seage revisits the mine Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

At least to bring to a wider audience my doubts and my questions, and to speak to the families. Not to re-open the trial, not to seek vengeance, not to try and find scapegoats because I doubt that there are any to be found. This was a terrible tragedy and we want to know what went on, and nobody’s telling us.

– Peter Hain MP
Lee Reynolds, previous surveyor for the Gleision Colliery, speaks out for the first time Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

Wales This Week has uncovered evidence which sheds new light on the history of the mine; confusion about when it was licensed and working; serious doubts about the number and accuracy of underground plans; and a gap in the provision of legally required documentation for the Gleision.

Wales This Week tonight at 8 on ITV Cymru Wales.

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