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Catch up - Wales This Week: The Last Welsh Miners?

It’s one of the greatest stories ever told. In Wales, the rise and fall of the coal industry goes hand in hand with the growth and the decline of many of our communities.

Wales This Week: The Last Welsh Miners?

But that industry which once employed over a quarter of a million people in Wales has now dwindled to such a point that only seven Welsh deep pit miners remain.

After decades of closures and thousands of redundancy notices, many of our mine workers were forced into an almost nomadic lifestyle, travelling the length and breadth of the UK to find work.

It is this which brought a group of Welsh deep pit mine workers to the Kellingley Colliery, in North Yorkshire

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Wales This Week catch-up: Food For Thought

Does the produce we make in Wales get the backing it deserves? And what can be done to protect against the supermarkets? Wales This Week Investigates Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The food and drink industry is Wales’ biggest employer - but as supermarkets slash contracts and spark widespread redundancies, what can be done to boost Brand Wales?

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