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Wales This Week catch-up: Food For Thought

Does the produce we make in Wales get the backing it deserves? And what can be done to protect against the supermarkets? Wales This Week Investigates Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The food and drink industry is Wales’ biggest employer - but as supermarkets slash contracts and spark widespread redundancies, what can be done to boost Brand Wales?

Wales This Week "Food For Thought" is now available to watch online at

Catch up: The Road to Westminster

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Why would you want to be an MP?

Wales This Week found out, by following two first time candidates through the ups and downs of the general election.

Carolyn Harris and Chris Davies both hoped to win a seat at Westminster, representing two different sides of the political spectrum and two very different parts of Wales.

Wales This Week: The Road to Westminster was broadcast on ITV Cymru Wales on Monday 1 June 2015 and is available to watch online here

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