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Squadron disbandment parade taking place in Swansea

A disbandment parade is taking place in Swansea today to mark the end of the 108 (Welsh) Field Squadron, Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia).

The group became a Royal Engineer unit in 1896. Credit: ITV Wales News

The squadron is being disbanded as part of the army's response to the Government's Strategic Defence and Security Review.

The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is the senior Reserve Regiment of the British Army and has been loyal to the crown since 1539.

It was originally an Infantry Militia charged with home defence.

The militia is the only unit with two "Royals" in its title. Credit: ITV Wales News
It's the only Royal Engineer unit whose members wear the Prince of Wales Division cap-badge. Credit: ITV Wales News


Cancer Research open day aims to inform patients

Cancer patients and their families are being given the opportunity to find more information about what goes on behind the scenes in the fight against the disease.

Patients and their families were invited to view labs. Credit: ITV Wales News

Cancer Research UK will be holding a Cancer Research Open Day in Cardiff today, allowing members of the public to meet cancer scientists, doctors and nurses and find out what happens in laboratories.

The charity will also be hosting interactive demos and will be talking to the public about how they are fighting cancer in the Welsh capital.

A report published earlier this year revealed there was just over 18,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Wales in 2012 - around ten per cent more than a decade ago.

Researchers at the Centre in Cardiff are focusing on the biology and treatment of bowel, breast and urological cancers and leukemia and are also working on how to detect and treat the disease as early as possible.

Charity workers were on hand to advise. Credit: ITV Wales News
The open day has been held to make cancer treatment more transparent for patients. Credit: ITV Wales News

Nationwide beach clean up event this weekend

Volunteers in Wales are taking part in a nationwide beach clean event this weekend.

Langland Beach in Swansea is one of the beaches pinpointed for a clear up. Credit: ITV Wales News

The clean up operation is happening on over thirty beaches in Wales including Llandudno, Freshwater, Langland, Ogmore and Rhyl.

The UK's leading marine charity hopes a record number of people will get involved to clear our beaches of litter. They blame a change in domestic habits over the last 50 years for the increased amount of litter, waste an plastic now being washed up on our shores.

"Our domestic habits over the last 50 years or so have resulted in dirty beaches. We throw more stuff away than ever. Plastic in the marine environment may take hundreds of years to break down and it washes up or is blown onto beaches in bits from micro pieces to larger chunks. We flush stuff down the loo we shouldn't, and that ends up in our water ways and then our beaches."

– Tom Bell, The Marine Conservation Society


First Minister: This is a good day for Wales

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, told ITV News that today is a 'good day' for Wales.

Speaking to our presenter, Jonathan Hill, the First Minister said: "If Scotland had voted 'yes' the next two years would all be about Scotland, and no focus at all on Wales or Northern Ireland."

Working together we can build a UK that recognises the different identities of the four nations within the UK but recognises that we do best when we work together and look after each other.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Welsh Secretary 'positive' about possible powers

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb MP says he feels positive about the possibility of more powers for Wales. It comes after Scotland voted no to independence in an historic referendum.

Credit: ITV News Wales

The Secretary of State for Wales told ITV News: "As Scotland gets new powers there's no reason why the ambitions and the aspirations of the nation of Wales for even more powers shouldn't be discussed and shouldn't be met, and we're very comfortable and positive about that."

Carwyn Jones has 'constructive' talk with PM

Our Political Editor, Adrian Masters, understands that the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has had a 'constructive' conversation with the Prime Minister.

This morning, Carwyn Jones AM, held a press conference in which he said Wales will not 'play second fiddle' in future devolution talks.

You can follow Adrian's tweets here.

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