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Crews say Cardiff fire was "started deliberately"

Crews from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service say a large fire that broke out in Cardiff city centre on Wednesday was started deliberately.

Credit: Gabs Davies / Facebook

Earlier this evening people living near the Butetown area of the city were told to keep their windows and doors closed.

No one was injured.

65 emergency 999 calls were made to the fire service to report the fire, as plumes of smoke were seen across the city.


65 emergency calls received for city centre fire

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they received 65 emergency 999 calls after a large refuse fire broke out in Cardiff.

Credit: Gabs Davies / Facebook

Crews were called to the Callaghan Square area of the city, where it's been confirmed "large amounts of rubber panels" were alight.

Residents in the area have been asked to keep their windows and doors shut, and traffic was diverted from the area, because of smoke billowing across the road.

There have been no reports of casualties.

Crews say the fire is now under control, and smoke is expected to clear soon.

Rush hour chaos for Arriva Trains Wales commuters

Commuters have taken Twitter to complain they are unable to get on Arriva trains out of Cardiff city centre.

Many are complaining of overcrowded trains and platforms.

Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Arriva say the congestion is due to faulty units they hope to get rectified by the weekend.

We are aware of issues, particularly on the 17:05 service from Cardiff to Treherbert.

That train is usually four carriages, but in this case was two.

– Arriva Trains Wales spokesman


Pony with maggot-infested leg injury had to be put down

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a pony was found with a severely injured hind leg in Cardiff.

The pony, who was around two years old, was found in a field off Coal Pit Lane, Castleton, in Newport, on 12 July.

Credit: RSPCA

The pony had a serious injury on his right hind leg which was infested with maggots.

He was not microchipped, so the RSPCA were unable trace the owner.

The pony had a serious injury on his right hind leg which was infested with maggots. Credit: RSPCA
Credit: RSPCA

Due to his severe injury an independent vet was immediately called for assistance.

Sadly due to the severity of his injury and associated pain, the vet made the decision that he needed to be put to sleep on welfare grounds.

– Christine McNeil, RSPCA inspector

It is unknown whether the pony was abandoned or fly-grazing.

Anyone who may have information about this pony should contact the RSPCA.

Shut down bridal shop owner says she is a 'victim' of abuse

The owner of the Newport shop at the center of a dispute with more than 100 brides has spoken about the "hellish nightmare" that led to close her bridal boutique.

Melanie Bishop, 35, from Blackwood, believes she is the victim of a campaign of "abuse and lies" after one disgruntled customer started a Facebook group to "destroy" her.

Owner Melanie Bishop fears she will lose her house and business. Credit: ITV News

In the space of three weeks my reputation is in tatters and I believe I will lose my house, my livelihood and the business I worked so hard to build up from scratch.

Me and mum are in bits over this.

I haven't stopped crying since it all spiraled out of control.

The reality is that these women have rallied together and whipped themselves up into a hysteria that is only based on one thing - the fact that my dress suppliers are based in China.

The dresses are not worth £40 and from ebay as these women believe. That couldn't be further from the truth.

We own a factory that is staffed by 15 seamstresses. We run a legitimate business and I am devastated that this Facebook campaign of hate and lies is stopping my genuine customers from receiving their dresses.

It's not that we set out to deliberately mislead people, that's not it.

When I said our dresses were all our own designs that was true.

The only thing I could have done differently was be explicitly clear about the origins of the dresses, but so many shops outsource their materials and labour from China.

It's not uncommon and I never hid it. I left the made in China labels in.

And yes there is a mark up.

As a company we pay around £200 for each dress and sell them to the customer from £700-£1000.

That's how a business operates. That's how I paid my rent, taxes, import fees and overheads but that mark up does not take away from the quality of the product offered.

I'd never missed a wedding before this all started but now I can't answer my phone without receiving vile threats and abuse.

– Melanie Bishop, Owner Anna Sara
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