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Campaign aims to educate students on organ donation

As students return to their colleges and universities this week, they're being reminded about changes to the law in Wales on organ donation.

From December next year, the law will assume that people want to donate their organs for transplants - unless they opt out.

Ian Lang has been speaking to one woman from Bangor who knows the benefits of transplants more than most.


Welsh Secretary's devolution 'summit' letter

Here's the full text of the letter sent by Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb inviting the leaders of other parties to a devolution summit. He's invited senior Labour, Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru MPs to the meeting which he says will take place in October. He also says he's arranging similar meetings with party leaders in the Assembly.

The rejection of independence by the people of Scotland last week has stimulated a wider debate about constitutional renewal in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday I will be attending the first meeting of the devolution Cabinet committee chaired by William Hague and I have already had preliminary discussions with him about this important work. We are both in absolute agreement that Wales should be central to the debate that is now commencing.

I want us to use this opportunity positively to look again at how we secure the best possible devolution settlement for the people of Wales. I want to move forward in a realistic, open-minded and pragmatic way; I am therefore writing to invite you to a summit of Welsh party leaders in Westminster to discuss how we deliver devolution that works for Wales.

There are some significant matters where already questions are being asked. I would like us to have this discussion together in a spirit of cooperation and with a desire to put the interests of Wales first.

I would like to hold the summit at the Wales Office as soon as possible after Parliament returns in October. My diary secretary will be in touch with your offices to agree a suitable date.

I am also arranging meetings with party leaders in the Assembly to ensure their views feed in to the debate.

– Welsh Secretary, Stephen Crabb

Welsh Secretary to hold 'summit' on powers transfer

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb says he's reaching out to other party leaders in Wales to work out next steps for further devolution following Scotland's independence referendum.

Gleision - The Unanswered Questions

Working Plan of the Gleision Colliery Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

There is to be no full inquest into the deaths of four miners at the Gleision Colliery, ITV Wales has learned. The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed it will now be publishing a report on its investigation into the tragedy.

Three years after the fatal flood at Gleision, there are continuing calls for answers into what went wrong from the victims’ families, the mine owners and local MP Peter Hain.

Talking to Wales This Week, he said he would be raising the issue in Parliament.

Mine owner Maria Seage revisits the mine Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

At least to bring to a wider audience my doubts and my questions, and to speak to the families. Not to re-open the trial, not to seek vengeance, not to try and find scapegoats because I doubt that there are any to be found. This was a terrible tragedy and we want to know what went on, and nobody’s telling us.

– Peter Hain MP
Lee Reynolds, previous surveyor for the Gleision Colliery, speaks out for the first time Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

Wales This Week has uncovered evidence which sheds new light on the history of the mine; confusion about when it was licensed and working; serious doubts about the number and accuracy of underground plans; and a gap in the provision of legally required documentation for the Gleision.

Wales This Week tonight at 8 on ITV Cymru Wales.


10-year plan for 'highly-skilled' early years workforce

Proposals to create a "highly-skilled" workforce for early years education, play and childcare have been outlined by the Welsh Government.

It has published a draft 10-year plan, which aims to have a workforce that is bilingual and "proactive learners in their own right" through a range of career development opportunities.

The 10-year plan aims to raise the status of early years workers. Credit: PA

It encompasses workers with children aged 0-7, including childminders, play workers and teachers.

Education Minister Huw Lewis said: "We’re determined to raise the status of careers in early years, childcare and play to a level which better reflects the vital role these practitioners play in supporting children’s development.”

Proposals include:

  • Raising minimum qualification standards for childcare workers
  • Developing early years learning hubs to support collaboration and workforce development
  • Relaxing adult-to-child ratios for school reception classes, from 1:8 to 1:10

The draft plan is now open for consultation until 15 December, with final proposals due next April.

First Minister reiterates call for same powers as Scotland

Welsh wine makers predict best vintage in a generation

More than 20 different varieties of grape are grown in Wales Credit: ITV News

Wine makers in Wales say they are expecting the best vintage for a generation, after a mostly dry and warm summer.

Conditions over the last few months provided ideal growing conditions for vineyards, with some predicting bumper harvests.

Welsh vineyards produce more than one hundred thousand bottles of wine each year.

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