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Cardiff Council agrees to consider shortening school holidays

Cardiff Council has agreed to consider shortening the summer school holidays, from six weeks to five.

Credit: PA

The motion, which was passed at a council meeting on Thursday night, could mean a shorter break for more than 50,000 children.

Parents say an extra week would allow them to book cheaper holidays.

Things won't move forward as quickly as I'd have hoped, but I look forward to the issue being given consideration, and I hope progress can be made.

– Cllr Ed Bridges, Cardiff Council

The idea will now be explored by a council committee.


Cardiff Council tackles city centre scavenging seagulls

Rubbish in Caroline Street. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Cardiff Council is to deploy an extra cleaning team to tackle the rubbish scattered by scavenging seagulls.

It's the breeding season for the birds and they search for food in the city centre ripping open bags.

The council says the birds are very intelligent and are a protected species under UK Law. Now a team will work after the normal day shift and extra hours at weekends.

New storage bins will also be introduced.


Funeral taking place of soldier who died on training-exercise in Brecon

Credit: Facebook/Josh Hoole

The funeral takes place today of a soldier who died during a training exercise in Brecon.

Mourners will line the streets in Corporal Josh Hoole's home village of Ecclefechan, Dumfries and Galloway, as a piper leads the hearse through the village.

The 26-year-old was a member of The Rifles regiment and served two tours in Afghanistan. His coffin will be carried by a military bearer party.

Corporal Hoole, stationed at Catterick in North Yorkshire, was on pre-course training for the Platoon Sergeants' Battle Course, which is described as "both mentally and physically demanding", when he collapsed during a training run in Brecon on July 19. A police investigation into his death is continuing.

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