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Supporting devolution 'was wrong" says Ann Clwyd

Ann Clwyd has been MP for the Cynon Valley since 1984 Credit: PA

Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd, who campaigned for a Welsh Assembly in both the 1979 and 1997 referendums, has told tonight's Sharp End why she now thinks devolution was wrong. She's interviewed about her memoirs by ITV Cymru Wales Political Editor Adrian Masters. He asks her about an account in her book of a conversation with the former Labour minister Denzil Davies, who never supported devolution. Ann Clwyd reveals that she told him that he'd been right and she'd been wrong.

I would have preferred after all this time to be able to speak positively but you know, devolution was not meant to be about a worse service in Wales than in the rest of the country. Devolution was not meant to be about that.

– Ann Clwyd MP
  • Sharp End is on ITV Cymru Wales at 11:15pm tonight
  • Rebel with a Cause, by Ann Clwyd, is published by Biteback tomorrow, £25.


AMs back Wales Bill in Assembly vote

Credit: PA Images

Assembly Members have voted to back the Wales Bill in today's Assembly vote. The vote was 38-17 in favour of the bill.

The Assembly's right to rename itself a parliament is one of the powers unambiguously given to Cardiff Bay by the Wales Bill.

The main concern of Plaid Cymru - and many in Labour who've agreed to swallow their doubts - is that because law and justice won't be devolved, the Assembly's ability to legislate will be curtailed.


Labour AMs decide to back Wales Bill

Labour AMs have agreed to back the UK Government's Wales Bill when it's debated in the Senedd today.

Although the bill includes significant new powers for the Assembly, the Welsh Government has argued that it also gives ministers at Westminster new opportunities to curtail devolution.

The UK Government had made it clear that it would not over-ride the Assembly if it refused legislative consent for the Wales Bill to be passed. It also said that a new deal with the Treasury on how the Welsh Government is funded would be dropped if the bill did not go ahead.

The decision to back the bill was taken at a meeting of the Assembly Labour group on Monday evening.

As the Conservatives are also committed to supporting the UK Government's legislation, it now seems certain to pass when the vote's taken in the Senedd tomorrow.

As the party who delivered devolution for Wales we have rightly adopted a challenging, but responsible approach towards the passage of the Wales Bill.

This is not the Bill we would have developed and it is not the Bill that Wales deserves. However, on balance this legislation will give the country more constitutional certainty and the fiscal framework in particular represents a real step forward.

After a considered debate, the Labour Group has decided to vote in favour of allowing the UK Government to proceed.

– Labour Group Chair Hannah Blythyn AM

Law to make Welsh councils share services "as soon as possible"

Credit: Senedd TV

A new law to compel the 22 Welsh local authorities to share services rather than try to do everything themselves will be passed as soon as possible, the First Minister has told AMs. The Welsh government has abandoned plans to cut the number of councils but wants to see much more co-operation.

We will have to change the law to force local authorities to work together. Legislation will be placed before the Assembly as soon as possible.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Carwyn Jones told AMs on an Assembly scrutiny committee that education consortia, where councils co-operate in providing support to schools, were working well.

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