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Cwm Taf: Royal Glamorgan A&E 'very busy'

Cwm Taf health board has tweeted to advise patients that A&E services at Royal Glamorgan are under pressure.

It has asked those with minor injuries to visit Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda instead, which is just under 10 miles away.


Royal Glamorgan Hospital A&E is very busy today. If you have a minor injury please call 01443 444 075 for appointment at Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda

It comes ahead of a debate by Assembly Members later on how to prepare the Welsh NHS for another busy winter.

AMs debate how to prepare Welsh NHS for busy winter

NHS sign
Assembly Members will debate how to prepare the Welsh NHS for winter Credit: PA

A debate will be held in the Senedd later on how to prepare the Welsh Health Service for another busy winter.

Last week David Sissling, the Chief Executive, revealed to the Public Accounts Committee that the service was only just catching up with the backlog of cancelled operations caused by last winter's surge in demand.

In October, Hywel Dda Health Board outlined plans to stop some non-urgent operations over winter months.


Proposal for number of AMs to rise from 60 to 100

by Owain Phillips

While councils grapple with diminishing budgets, there are calls tonight to increase the number of Assembly Members to scrutinise Welsh legislation.

According to an independent report, 100 members are required to hold the Welsh Government to account.

That's amid claims the current 60 member chamber is overstreched.

But, with estimates placing the bill for the extra politicians in the bay at over £10m, the plan has also been hit with criticism.

What do you think about the idea to have more AMs?

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Your views: 'More teachers and doctors - not politicians'

A report published today by the Electoral Reform Society Cymru and the UK's Changing Union project suggested increasing the number of Welsh Assembly Members from 60 to 100.

We asked on Twitter this morning: 'Does Wales need more Assembly Members?'

Here are some of your responses:


@itvwales More Teachers, Dr's, Nurses, Conultants, Police, Firemen, Social Workers & jobs. That's what we need, not more politicians


@itvwales NO .. Just need someone who knows how to run Wales properly !


@itvwales no thank you! I'll settle for more teachers, drs, nurses and police.

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Does Wales need more Assembly Members?

The proposal would see the number of AMs increase to 100 Credit: ITV News

Calls for an increase in the number of Assembly Members will cost an extra £10.1 million per year.

A report called "Size Matters - Making the National Assembly more effective" says the number of AM's should be increased from 60 to 100.

The report authors argue that as the power and responsibilities of the Assembly have increased, more Members should be made available to scrutinise legislation.

At the moment, there are only 42 backbench AMs, which is low compared to other legislatures with similar responsibilities.

The authors argue that AMs are currently badly overstretched and struggle to effectively scrutinise the Welsh Government.

Report authors also add that a reduction in the number of Welsh MP's and councillors, should be counterbalanced with more AMs.

Nick Hartley has been to see how one type of home is helping people live full and independent lives

In an ageing society, more should be done to end reliance on residential homes, with more older people retaining independence as long as possible.

The National Assembly's health committee, which has made a number of proposals to the Welsh government into how to deal with a potential care crisis that's heading our way.


Supreme Court rules in favour of the Assembly

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Welsh Government's first law was within the Welsh Assembly's legislative competence, and can go ahead.

The outcome is entirely consistent with the general thrust of the extended powers given to the Welsh ministers, by the Government of Wales Act 2006.

– Supreme Court judgement

The Local Government Byelaws Bill was passed by the assembly in July this year. But it was blocked from becoming law by the attorney general and referred to the court.

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