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Conservatives promise 'real change' for Wales

The Welsh Conservatives will today launch their Assembly election campaign from the Cardiff City Stadium. Leader Andrew RT Davies will call for Wales to turn from 'red to blue' in May.

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The campaign launch follows the Party's Llangollen Conference last week, where the Welsh Conservatives outlined their five main pledges for Wales.

Welsh Conservative Party pledges for Wales:

  • Protect the NHS
  • Create more jobs
  • Deliver excellence in education
  • Provide security and dignity for older people
  • Treble free childcare

After 17 years of Labour failure, Wales needs real change. Welsh Conservatives have a clear plan to secure that real change; and we’re ready to turn Wales from red to blue.

From protecting the NHS budget, to creating more jobs by backing small businesses and improving infrastructure, and delivering excellence in education, we stand ready to take Wales on a new path.

Our pledges to put a weekly cap on costs and protect £100,000 of assets for those in residential care, and our commitment to treble free childcare, further demonstrate how Welsh Conservatives are ready to secure real change, and deliver opportunities, for all people in Wales.

– Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative Leader



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Labour say Welsh Government's achievements will be "robust shield" for Assembly election campaign

First Minister Carwyn Jones will tell AMs later that his government is on course to deliver on the promises it made to the voters in the 2011 election campaign. In his final report on his programme for government before he faces the electorate again, he's expected to say that out of more than 500 commitments, more than 95% have been delivered -or are on track to be delivered in the next few months.

Credit: PA

Welsh Labour claim that this includes all the main pledges in the the 2011 manifesto, such as Jobs Growth Wales, extra money for schools, low tuition fees for Welsh students, and longer GP opening hours. One source called Labour's record in government in Wales "a robust statistical shield" against attacks from political opponents. Nevertheless, the Conservatives say they will challenge the Welsh Government on its record.

On health – on education – on the economy – the evidence is clear; Wales continues to fall behind and Labour ministers have no answers. Don’t take it from me – listen to the experts, the independent reports and the cold hard statistics.

Over 400 thousand people are waiting to start NHS treatment in Labour-run Wales. When Carwyn Jones became First Minister that figure was just 200 thousand. Global school test performance lags behind other parts of the UK and business support is nowhere near where it should be.

This is the real programme for government update and an urgent focus is desperately needed on our schools, our NHS services, our businesses and our communities.

– Welsh Conservative Leader, Andrew RT Davies AM
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