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Lib Dem Whip on how Powell complaint was handled

Aled Roberts, who's Chief Whip of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly group, has explained how he handled the complaint against an AM accused of inappropriate conduct, using procedures brought in after similar cases in England. Mr Roberts was speaking on Sharp End on ITV Cymru Wales.

It emerged at the weekend that the Liberal Democrat AM for Mid and West Wales, William Powell, apologised last year for behaving inappropriately towards a young woman in 2011, although she had declined to make a formal complaint. He was interviewed by Mr Roberts and given a formal written warning.

We dealt with it as if it was a formal complaint. There was an apology offered to myself for the conduct. More importantly, there was apology made to the complainant.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Aled Roberts AM


Welsh Lib Dems: Complaint over AM 'treated seriously'

The Welsh Liberal Democrats say a complaint into the behaviour of William Powell AM has been "treated seriously" and the Welsh Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales was "given a formal written warning."

The party received party received an anonymous complaint in May 2013, relating to an incident in June 2011.

We received an anonymous complaint in May 2013 about the behaviour of William Powell AM, when the complainant spoke to the chair of her local party.

This related to an incident that had occurred in June 2011. She indicated that she did not wish to follow a formal grievance procedure and wished to remain anonymous, but wanted the party to be aware of the issue.

Nevertheless, this complaint was treated seriously and a report compiled and passed to the Chief Whip, who is in charge of disciplinary issues within the Assembly group.

As a result, William Powell was interviewed by the Chief Whip and given a formal written warning that such behaviour will not be tolerated and any future misdemeanour could result in more serious sanctions being imposed.

This was communicated to the complainant via the Chair of the local party. Since that time no further complaint has been received.

– Spokesperson for the Welsh Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem AM offers 'unreserved apology' for behaviour

William Powell AM has apologised after a complaint about his behaviour Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The Welsh Liberal Democrat William Powell AM has offered an "unreserved apology" for his behaviour, after his party received an anonymous complaint in May 2013. The complaint related to an incident in June 2011.

The woman in question decided not to follow a formal grievance procedure and wished to remain anonymous.

"I am aware of an anonymous complaint having been made," said Mr Powell.

"The complaint was put to me by the the Chief Whip and I cooperated fully with him in this matter.

"I apologised to the Chief Whip and offered an unreserved apology, through him, to anyone else for any hurt or offence caused and I would certainly wish to do so again, in writing or in person.”

Lib Dems slam 'partisan' and 'tribal' minister

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Environment spokesman, William Powell, has added his voice to criticism of the Natural Resources minister and department. It follows a series of strongly-worded criticisms and concerns set out in a letter from the cross-party Environment committee.

William Powell said:

The evidence provided by the Natural Resources and Food department was late, often contradictory and far from transparent. As a committee, we were unable to scrutinise properly due to the quality of the evidence.The Minister’s budget included a number of basic errors, such as referring to schemes and policy areas that have ceased to exist. While this is embarrassing and shows a lack of competence, far more worrying was the level of financial management evident in the department as a whole.

The Minister seemed unable to give sufficient information on a large range of issues, resorting instead to partisan hectoring and references to the Westminster government. Evidence that he did give was often contradictory to what his officials had to say. That just isn’t good enough.

Perhaps if the Minister spent more time treating his position with the professionalism and respect it deserves, rather than engaging in tribal politics, some of these serious concerns might not have arisen.

– William Powell AM, Liberal Democrat