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Undersea cables to feed electricity from Ireland to Wales

Electricity to power Welsh homes could be imported from Irish windfarms, as work begins to lay cables under the Irish Sea.

The power would be fed into the UK energy grid via points at Bangor and Pembroke.

One Assembly Member is warning that the project could leave Wales dependent on Ireland in order to keep the lights on.

Owain Phillips reports.


  1. Owain Phillips

Electricity from Irish wind energy could be transported to Wales

The proposed scheme would be completed by 2017 Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Protestors unhappy with the Irish Government's handling of the Emerald Isle's economy were vocal at the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Letterkenny, Donegal. Delegates were told selling electricity from Irish wind turbines to the UK could help them exit their economic troubles.

Plans are afoot to lay two cables from the Irish Republic to Wales - one connecting to the grid in Prestatyn, the other in Pembrokeshire.

Liberal Democrat William Powell AM welcomed the move, but said it should not be a way for Wales to abscond its renewable targets.

Conservative Darren Millar told ITV News it was clear we'd still have to rely on fossil fuels in the short and medium turn and said we are already "over-dependent" on wind as a power source.

The scheme is due to be completed by 2017, and could mean power from Welsh sources - such as Wylfa going the other way.