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Awareness call as HIV cases in Wales rise

Parts of Wales have a problem with dealing with people with HIV - that's the view of those with the virus who've spoken to ITV News. They've talked about the stigma some people face and the lack of understanding about HIV among young people.

The number of new diagnoses in Wales is rising, and there are calls for a new national television awareness campaign.

As part of our Your Health Wales series - Rob Osborne has been to meet one Swansea man living with HIV.


'More help' for those at high risk of breast cancer

A Welsh woman says more needs to be done to help those who discover they have a high risk of getting breast cancer.

Abi Davies from Tregaron says she felt alone after finding out she had the BRCA gene, which gave her a 85% chance of getting breast cancer and 40% of getting ovarian cancer.

She chose to have a preventative double mastectomy, but still believes it's a taboo subject.

Now Abi and other women have come together to pose in a 'Calendar Girls'-style photoshoot. She hopes it will raise money for the helpline that helped her, while also raising awareness of mastectomies.

Your Health Wales: Breast cancer fight

Doctors examine an X-ray image Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

As part of our series 'Your Health Wales' we'll be featuring the story of Abigail Davies from Tregaron, who made the decision to have her breasts removed after discovering she had an 85% chance of getting breast cancer.

Now she's trying to raise awareness about the disease by taking part in a 'Calendar Girls'-style photoshoot with other women who've had a mastectomy.

Tips on how to tackle alcoholism

Eli Barraclough, from CRI Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent Adult Alcohol Service - where Matt Galloway is going through a detox - has tips on how to tackle alcoholism.

She says keeping a drink diary - noting down what, when and how much you are drinking - "can start to help you take responsibility and start getting that control back over your own alcohol use."

The helpline DAN 24/7 offers further information or help relating to drugs or alcohol - call 0808 808 2234.

Matt begins detox in fight against alcoholism

Earlier this week, we featured the story of Matt Galloway, an alcoholic from Six Bells near Abertillery. He is a 45-year-old nurse who is seeking help, and got in touch with us because he wanted others to see the reality of what problem drinking has done to his life.

We caught up with him again, as he begins a detoxification course at Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent Adult Alcohol Service. At the centre in Blackwood, his blood pressure is monitored and he is breathalysed.

He says: "They're pretty hardcore about their approach, they tell you the facts. If you show you're committed, that helps your case, they can take you seriously - and I think they have taken me seriously."


Your Health Wales: Abertillery man's alcohol struggle

In Wales around 25% of us admit to drinking double the recommended daily allowance - which is defined as binge drinking. For most people it's a case of a groggy morning the next day but for some it's a serious medical condition.

This week, we're following a man from Six Bells, near Abertillery, as he tries to tackle his problem with alcohol.

For our first report in our "Your Health Wales" series, we've been to meet Matt Galloway, to talk to him about his battle and his hopes.

"I'm not falling all over the place, causing havoc" says Matt.

"With the depression as well, you get depressed so you drink, and then you drink so you get more depressed"

"It just pulls you down, and it's like trying to claw your way out of somewhere, and there's always something pulling you down".