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Inside the Severn Tunnel electrification works

Timelapse footage shows the extent of upgrade work in the Severn Tunnel to prepare it for electrification.

The closure of the 130-year-old tunnel has allowed engineers to install over eight miles of electrical equipment to power a new fleet of electric trains.

The tunnel reopened to passengers on Saturday, after it was closed for six weeks.


J41 of M4 in Port Talbot to stay open after closure trial

Junction 41 of the M4 in Port Talbot is to remain permanently open, following its temporary closure during peak times in an effort to ease congestion.

Credit: Google Maps

Local businesses and residents expressed concerns about a drop in trade and increased congestion in the town centre.

Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, said he recognised that strategic traffic flow is of "great importance" to economic prosperity in south Wales, adding that further consideration of slip road closures in Port Talbot will not proceed.

Having considered the issue fully, including the implications of the uncertainties surrounding TATA Steel and the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, I have decided not to proceed with further consideration of slip road closures at Port Talbot at this time.

However, I recognise that improvement of strategic traffic flow is of great importance to economic prosperity in South Wales. Therefore, I have asked my officials to engage with Swansea Bay City Region to seek their involvement in a wider study of the M4 corridor around Swansea that is currently being developed.

– Ken Skates AM, Economy Secretary

Since my election one of my priorities has been to ensure the smooth flow of traffic through Port Talbot and to halt any further closure of Junction 41. I am pleased that the Welsh Government has taken this step forward and I look forward to growing the economic prosperity of the town.

– Stephen Kinnock MP

Y Cymro train unveiled to mark the end of the Severn Tunnel closure

Credit: Lorna Prichard/ITV News

Great Western Railway unveiled this newly-named train to celebrate the reopening of the Severn Tunnel after six weeks of work.

The 0728 service from Swansea will be named Y Cymro – The Welshman, along with three other named week day services between London Paddington and South Wales: The Red Dragon; St David and The Capitals United.


'Technical issue' caused flight from Alicante to Cardiff to declare emergency

A flight from Alicante to Cardiff declared an emergency while in the air earlier today because of a technical issue.

Vueling explained that the problem was detected before landing.

137 passengers were on board.

A technical issue was detected before landing and following all safety procedures the Captain requested for a priority landing.

The aircraft has landed safely and passengers have disembarked as usual.

We had 137 passengers on board.

– Vueling spokesperson

The aeroplane landed safely at Cardiff airport at 11:27 am.

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