Welsh Government response to English roads plan

The Prime Minister's plans to offer private investors control of roads affect England only but could still have a significant impact on Wales, particularly if any transfer to the private sector meant a cut in the total amount spent on UK roads. Here's what the Welsh Government is saying:

We will look with interest at the outcome of the UK Government consultation into proposals to fund new roads in England.

The Welsh Government is fully committed to providing a modern, effective solution to Wales' transport needs but that solution must be affordable, sustainable and well thought out.

While we are keen to explore all potential opportunities to lever new investment into infrastructure, any new initiatives will need to make sense for Wales and deliver real value for money.

We recently launched a consultation that will look into ways of improving the M4 corridor around Newport and are engaging with stakeholders to better understand the issues and priorities. A range of measures to improve the flow of traffic are already in place.