Cameron campaigns in Wales

Prime Minister throws his weight behind his party's campaign for the Welsh local elections.

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  1. Nick Powell

Cameron: Welsh Tories are the radical party

The Prime Minister has claimed that the Conservatives are now the party of radicalism in Wales. In a speech to Tory supporters in Llandudno, David Cameron said they should campaign as the party setting the agenda of radical change, that's going to break Wales out of failure and complacency.

The failure and complacency it’s had to suffer for so many years at the hands of the left because here in Wales, the status quo is Labour. And guess what? Labour is not working.

Take the NHS. Here – in the birthplace of Nye Bevan – they are betraying our health service. And then there’s education. Welsh Labour just do not get it. They’re stubbornly clinging on to their old, failed, stale ideologies.

It might be the political culture in Wales but we’ve got to be bolder than that and offer a radical, exciting alternative. Anything less is a betrayal of the Welsh people.

– Prime Minister David Cameron MP

Mr Cameron claimed his government is protecting the English NHS budget when it's being cut in Wales. On education, he said new academies in England are setting schools free but in Wales 'the minister knows best'.

He also praised the emergency response to the ship running aground at Llanddulas.

We’ve had some extraordinary scenes near here in the past 48 hours. Lifeboats, helicopter rescue teams, coastguard, police, fire and ambulance crews all scrambling to that ship in Colwyn Bay.

It’s thanks to their heroism that seven lives were saved two nights ago – and I know everyone here will want to pay tribute to what they did. Once again, our emergency services proved they are the best of British.

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