Local elections 2012

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  1. Adrian Masters

Councils' coalition talks (8)

Now that Plaid has reached a deal to run Ceredigion, 9 councils remain without overall control after last week's local elections. You know about Powys from my earlier updates. And Gwynedd, where Plaid is a seat away from a majority, awaits the outcome of a by-election on June 14th.

In Monmouthshire, the Conservatives are said to be talking to Lib Dems and independents. Labour there has decided to stay in opposition despite 'overtures.' Vale of Glamorgan, Wrexham, Flintshire will almost certainly be run Labour and Independent coalitions. The same is likely in Carmarthenshire.

An 'anti-Tory alliance' of Independent, Labour, Plaid and Lib Dem councillors which was running Conwy looks set to continue. In Denbighshire, Labour's opted for opposition which means talks continue between Conservative, Plaid, Lib Dem and Independent councillors.

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