Kirsty Williams , the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats renews calls for an NHS doctor locum bank for Wales

Kirsty Williams is again calling on the Welsh Government to establish a Welsh NHS locum bank. She says its important to reduce the need of locums from expensive private agencies and make it easier for the health service to fill temporary gaps in provision

We've been telling the Welsh Government month after month that they are wasting money in our NHS on areas where we could be saving money. Budgets are tight in the NHS at the moment and that is why it is crucially important that the Welsh pound goes a long way to support vital services and the care that patients receive.

The NHS in Wales is spending a lot of money on expensive private companies who supply it with medical staff. In Scotland, they managed to reduce by two thirds their spending on hiring nurse locums

– Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats

In Scotland , NHS nursing banks have been set up to provide an internal pool of staff who can be called on to cover absences with a saving of some twenty million pounds over five years according to figures quoted by the Welsh Liberal Democrats.