Plaid and Labour in 'tribalism' row

Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour politicians trade accusations over Leanne Wood's calls for a 'progressive grassroots alliance'

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Plaid Cymru " shameless and opportunistic" says trade union leader.

Andy Richards, Secretary of Unite, Wales, is claiming Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood's call to form a coalition of left wing groups as "an opportunistic publicity stunt."

The timing of Plaid Cymru's announcement is as cynical as it is shameless . This is nothing more than an opportunistic publicity stunt ahead of next week's TUC conference in Llandudno and on the back of a second electoral rejection in a row of Plaid Cymru by Welsh people in the local elections.

Unite Wales is already committed to working with fellow trade unionists and other community organisations in Wales to fight the UK Governments austerity agenda and further action against the cuts is high on the agenda at next week's conference.

– Andy Richards, Secretary of Unite, Wales

Mr Richards went on to explain:

We want to go one step further for the people of Wales and next week will open our discussion on "Making Devolution Work" , a positive progressive policy debate on how we work within a devolved Wales to win for workers and the Welsh Economy as a whole.

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