Plaid and Labour in 'tribalism' row

Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour politicians trade accusations over Leanne Wood's calls for a 'progressive grassroots alliance'

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  1. Lynn Courtney

Plaid Cymru accuses the leader of Unite of putting party loyalty before members' interests

Andy Richards , leader of Unite ,had described Plaid's call for a coalition of left wing groups to challenge austerity measures " a publicity stunt "

But Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas hit back accusing Mr Richards of putting his own political interests above those of his members.

This is an astonishing outburst from Andy Richards who seems unable to accept that Plaid Cymru has shown long term determination to stand up for the rights of working people.His tribal comments show clearly that his priority is what's best for the labour party rather than what is best for his members.

Over the past months, I and many Plaid Cymru colleagues have stood shoulder to shoulder with members of trade unions, including Unite, who have been fighting for a fair deal on pensions and to save jobs that the UK Government want to axe.

– Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

The Am went on further to say

The Labour party on the other hand has refused to support these efforts.

Labour's Ed Milliband has even said he will not reverse the cuts being made if he gets a chance.

If Mr Richards spends his time fighting for what's best for the labour party rather than what's best for Unite members, maybe he should consider if he is in the right job.

If Labour in Wales is really interested in what's best for workers, they will disassociate themselves from Mr Richard's comments.

I invite Carwyn Jones to make a swift and clear statement opposing these tribal and sectarian remarks

– Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Carmerthen East and Dinefwr

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