Queen's Speech

Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP will formally present the UK Government's legislative programme to the National Assembly for Wales announced in the Queen's Speech on 9th May 2012

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  1. Lynn Courtney

Cheryl Gillan in lively visit to the National Assembly for Wales

Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan has spent the afternoon addressing Assembly Members at the Senedd on the wide range of subjects that were contained in the legislative programme announced by the UK Government earlier this month.

She started, though by praising our armed forces.

Can I just begin by paying tribute to our armed forces who do so much stirling work at home and especially overseas. I think we all take a great pride in the valuable contribution Wales makes to our armed forces and want to pay tribute to those who have died in Afghanistan since we last met. Our thoughts are with their family and friends.

– Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan MP

She spoke about how it was two years since her last visit which was shortly after the UK coalition was formed and said the Government had achieved a lot since then.

Thirty two Acts, a reduced deficit , capped welfare, scrapped ID cards, raising of personal allowance allowing 95,000 people in Wales to be lifted out of tax altogether, much needed political and constitutional reform and we have fulfilled all of our three commitments to Wales in the coalition agreement.

First of all ,I took forward the housing legislature competence order which if you remember had been blocked. I enabled the referendum to be held under which the Assembly has assumed primary legislative powers in the 20 devolved areas and also established the Silk Commission .

– Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan MP

Mrs Gillan took questions on subjects as diverse as the Water Bill , electrification of the railway line to Swansea , the establishment of a Valleys Metro,Remploy workers, devolution of energy, the Barnet formula and this week's Green paper on Electoral reform , the latter which caused some reaction

I have expressed a preference but that doesn't mean to say I have a closed mind. I want to have ,don't laugh, I haven't got a closed mind. I'm very open minded about it.

– Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan MP

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