450 Unilever jobs under threat

Consumer goods giant Unilever has announced plans to close a number of UK sites with 450 jobs at risk in Swansea, Bridgend and Flintshire.

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Shadow Welsh Secretary: Unilever proposals 'grave news' for Wales

The Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Owen Smith MP has spoken out over Unilever’s proposed job reductions in Wales.

This is obviously grave news for Wales and for Swansea in particular. The city has already been hard hit by public sector job losses and the closure of the Unilever plant, if it takes place, would be a further blow. I spoke this morning to Unilever and impressed upon them the value of these jobs in Wales and urged them to use the three month review period to consider all options. I have also spoken to Ministers in the Welsh Assembly and know that they have already pledged to support Unilever in reviewing matters and to work with them to mitigate as best they can the effect on Unilever workers.

– Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith

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