Badger vaccinations underway

Badger vaccinations are underway as part of efforts to eradicate tuberculosis from cattle in Wales.

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Lobby group welcomes badger vaccination figures

Pro-vaccination group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull has reacted warmly to the news that 275 badgers have already been inoculated against bovine TB.

This is a really positive action to tackle bovine TB in Badgers and is an infinitely more sensible and acceptable solution than culling.

TB can remain latent in our herds and as we learnt recently is masked at testing in infected cattle if they are also infected with liver fluke. Unfortunately this means there is no quick fix solution and the disease can be present in our herds for many years even with no new stock brought in.

We therefore support this action to get as many badgers as possible vaccinated this year and in future years.

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