Nuclear subs set for Wales?

In the wake of the Scottish Government's announcement that it wants Britain's nuclear submarine fleet to be removed from Scotland, the First Minister says the fleet - and the jobs - would find 'more than a welcome' in Wales.

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Welsh Government: Trident relocation call 'nothing to do with Scottish independence'

A Welsh Government spokesman has added more detail to the First Minister's earlier call for the UK's nuclear submarine fleet to be relocated to Milford Haven following an announcement by the Scottish Government that it wants the weapons withdrawn from Scotland:

The First Minister's comments are nothing to do with Scottish independence. As a staunch supporter of the union, the First Minister has made it clear on many occasions that he wants to see Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom.

However, the Scottish Government has made it clear that they wish to see the fleet leave Scotland at the earliest opportunity.

The First Minister recognises the substantial economic benefits of relocating Britain’s nuclear submarine to west Wales.

There would be more than a welcome in Wales for this kind of economic boost, which would bring thousands of high quality, well paid jobs to the area.

The First Minister is of the view that he would be neglecting his duty to do what he can to boost the Welsh economy he were to dismiss the possibility of bringing these jobs to Wales.

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