Welsh Government responds to Gove plans for scrapping GCSEs in England

It's been widely reported today that Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove is planning to replace GCSEs with an O-Level style system in England - to tackle "a culture of competitive dumbing-down".

Plans apparently leaked to the Daily Mail suggest that 2013 would be the last year in which English pupils sit exams under the GCSE system.

The Welsh Government has responded to the news.

We know that GCSEs are widely respected in both Wales and England. At the moment we are looking at whether or not the qualification system in Wales meets the needs of learners and employers, but we are looking at this in a considered, evidence based way via consultation.

If it emerges that there are some issues that need to be addressed, then whatever decisions we make will be announced in conventional ways and we will ensure that counterparts in England and Northern Ireland are well aware of our intentions before such announcements are made.

– Welsh Government spokesperson