Welfare reforms under spotlight

Prime Minister David Cameron has called for a debate today on reforming the Welfare system.

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  1. Adrian Masters

PM's regional benefits idea 'a discussion point' - Welsh Conservatives

Having floated the idea that benefits claimants in different parts of the UK might receive different rates of payment, David Cameron has put his Conservative colleagues in the Assembly in a difficult position. They've already said they're opposed to a similar proposal for public sector pay rates.

The statement below from a Welsh Conservative spokesman doesn't say explicitly that Andrew RT Davies' group would come against regional benefits, but you don't have to read too much between the lines to guess that they probably will. Here's the statement:

This is a discussion point that Welsh Conservatives would engage with fully in order to make sure Wales’ position is understood.

We are opposed to the idea of regional pay on the basis that it could disadvantage thousands of public sector workers.

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