450 DVLA jobs move to Swansea

The Public and Commercial Services Union is launching a UK wide tour to protest against planned closures of 39 regional DVLA offices. As part of the UK Government's plans, 450 roles will be created at the DVLA's Swansea HQ.

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PCS Union says it's not all good news for the DVLA

The PCS Union says todays announcement of the creation of 450 jobs at the DVLA is not all good news for the DVLA. The Union's Industrial Officer Mike Hallinan had this to say:

It is deplorable that Cheryl Gillan should portray as good news the closure of all DVLA local offices around the UK, with the loss of 1,200 jobs.

Mrs Gillan talks about the creation of up to 450 jobs at DVLA Swansea but these are not new jobs, they are being transferred from the 39 local offices now facing closure. The figure of 450 posts has not been confirmed by management and there is no assurance that these would be permanent jobs as opposed to fixed term appointments.

Therefore,we see this not as good news for Swansea but as a step in the continuing process of job cuts at the DVLA.

– PCS Industrial Officer, Mike Hallinan

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