Call for Wales to review rejection of badger cull

The Welsh Government have chosen a vaccination program to tackle tuberculosis in cattle Credit: ITV News Wales

The Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Antoinette Sandbach AM, is calling on the Welsh Government to review its opposition to badger culling.

It follows a ruling by the High Court today that rejected an appeal by The Badger Trust to stop a badger cull going ahead in England.

Ms Sandbach says, "Wales was once in the forefront of TB eradication. It would be a tragedy for Welsh farmers if they were left behind due to political cowardice.”

The Badger Trust was fighting against a decision by the UK Government to hold two pilot culls.

In 2010, it successfully appealed a decision by the Welsh Government to kill badgers - leading them to choose a vaccination method instead.

But today, Mr Justice Ouseley rejected the legal challenge on the grounds that vaccination would not be a "sufficient response to the problem" in England.