Deal struck for new Great Western line trains

A new train maintenance plant will be built in Swansea, after a £4.5billion deal for new intercity express trains was announced by the UK Government today.

Under the agreement, Agility Trains, a consortium led by Hitachi of Japan, will build 596 rail carriages at a new factory in County Durham.

The Intercity Express Programme (IEP) project will see the current fleet of Intercity 125 trains replaced.

On the Great Western Main Line from London to Swansea, the new trains will enter service in 2017.

The IEP deal follows last week's announcement of further electrification on the Great Western Main Line between London and Swansea.

Together, the new trains and infrastructure will offer the potential for journey time savings of 15 minutes in Swansea to London journeys.

A new train factory is fantastic news for Britain and will be welcomed by everyone who wants to see a thriving UK manufacturing sector.

– Transport Secretary Justine Greening