Nick Clegg visit

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is due to visit Wales. He's expected to campaign in the seat of Cardiff South & Penarth, where a by-election is likely to be held this autumn.

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  1. Adrian Masters

'You're accusing me of a reverse Midas touch. Thanks very much' - Nick Clegg

The Deputy Prime Minister has laughed off accusations that his visit harms rather than helps his party's by-election campaign in Cardiff South and Penarth. Nick Clegg has been in the Welsh capital today to lend his support to the Liberal Democrat candidate.

He's acknowledged that difficult decisions taken in government and simply being in government has cost his party votes. But I asked him if that unpopularity made it difficult for him to campaign effectively.

After all, his last visit in April failed to stop the Lib Dems losing control of Cardiff council. His encounter with the Cardiff City football mascot didn't help the Bluebirds either. This was his reply:

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