Plaid Cymru conference

As the Plaid Cymru conference gets underway in Brecon, Leanne Wood promises her party will offer a 'radically new way of working' on economic policy. But with limited fiscal powers in Cardiff Bay, what will her 'Green New Deal' look like?

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'Four years is a very long time in politics'

Leanne Wood has told ITV Wales that despite her party's focus on the economy, Plaid Cymru has not given up the fight on subjects like independence and the Welsh language.

But she said reaching out to non-traditional Plaid voters was 'key', adding that there are no 'no-go areas' for the party.

Plaid's leader also dismissed the subject of her party's performance in recent polls, saying: "Polls change. A week is a long time in politics, so four years is a very long time. I'm confident we can change Plaid Cymru's trajectory in those polls."

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