GCSE regrade row

The Welsh Government was warned that regrading GCSE exams in English would 'seriously damage' the integrity of the qualification. The comments were made by the WJEC exam board in emails released by the Welsh Government.

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WJEC responds to GCSE announcement

WJEC is extremely interested in developing ambitious new EBC qualifications proposed for England by the Minister for Education. We are also keen to continue playing a leading role in developing qualifications for Wales, following completion of the 14-19 qualifications review.

We are confident in our ability to support students and develop and deliver high quality specifications for use by schools and colleges in England and Wales.

We will continue to provide our full range of qualifications to centres in both England and Wales until summer 2016, which seems to be the date for the final full series of many current GCSEs in England.

– Spokesperson, WJEC

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