GCSE regrade row

The Welsh Government was warned that regrading GCSE exams in English would 'seriously damage' the integrity of the qualification. The comments were made by the WJEC exam board in emails released by the Welsh Government.

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Education Union: Minister commended for 'bold and decisive action'

Speaking after the announcement by the WJEC that over 2,000 candidates have received improved grades after a re-grade ordered by the Education Minister, Dr Philip Dixon of The Association of Teachers and Lecturers said:

We are delighted for these youngsters. They are now receiving the grades they would have received in any normal year...and they have the chance of a brighter future.

The Minister is to be commended for such bold and decisive action. The few embittered voices who will try to deny these youngsters their success will clearly be seen for the politically motivated killjoys they are.

This entire fiasco shows why we in Wales are thinking long and hard about the best qualifications system for our young people.

He went on to say:

The Review of Qualifications to be published in November will hopefully chart a clear course for us. This findings of this well researched and well evidenced Review will be in sharp distinction to the hastily cobbled together and ill-thought-through Ebac announced yesterday in England.

– Dr Philip Dixon, Director Association of Teachers and Lecturers

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