First Minister in Downing Street talks

First Minister Carwyn Jones has been holding talks with the Prime Minister and the heads of Scotland and Northern Ireland at a meeting in Downing Street

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  1. Adrian Masters

'Let's start again' - First Minister says governments will work together

First Minister Carwyn Jones says the UK and Welsh Governments have agreed to put their differences aside to work together more. He was echoing calls made by the new Welsh Secretary, David Jones. Speaking after a meeting with the Prime Minister in Downing Street this morning, the First Minister said,

Let's start again. I met with David Jones this week - it was a genuinely cordial meeting. We discussed a number of matters and there was a general expression that we need to make a fresh start and to work together where we can.

I don't think the people of Wales want us to spend the entire time arguing. That's certainly not our intention as a government and that's not the intention of David Jones as he said to me this week.

There'll be a number of areas where we can work together. There will be disagreements, that's inevitable. But I think there's a genuine desire to work together where we can in order to advance the interests of our people.

Privately sources close to the First Minister say that on a personal level, he gets on with the new Welsh Secretary far better than he did with his predecessor and finds him easier to deal with.

I understand there's an intention not to criticise David Jones unduly, but to give him chance to match warm words with actions. What the Welsh Secretary does with controversial plans to change the Assembly's election system could be the first test of that approach.

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