Powys E.coli outbreak

Health officials are investigating the possibility that two children who have contracted E.coli may have become infected at a petting farm in Brecon.

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Powys E.coli outbreak: children "infected by the same source"

An investigation is continuing into an outbreak of E.coli O157 possibly linked to a petting farm in Brecon.

Tests have shown that two children confirmed with E.coli O157 have the same type of infection – meaning that they must have acquired their illness from the same source, a Public Health Wales spokesperson said.

Two other people, who are family members of one of the infected children, have also tested positive for the same type of E.coli O157.

One is believed to have contracted the illness at the same time, but does not have symptoms.

The other became ill at a later date and is believed to have contracted the illness through contact with the child.

– Public Health Wales

Both children had visited Cantref Adventure Farm in the days before they became unwell, and both are recovering at home.

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