Cow destroyed in Welshpool after dash for freedom

A cow which escaped from a Welshpool livestock market and ended up roaming the grounds of a private home has been destroyed. The cow escaped from the market early this morning and wandered down public roads into a nearby estate.

Its flight triggered safety concerns for both the public and the police who were sent in pursuit of the animal. It was eventually decided that the safest way to deal with the problem the cow represented was to kill it.

The cow travelled some distance along public roads and into a residential area of Welshpool, there were concerns for the safety of the general public and police personnel together with a risk of damage to property within the area.

A number of options to safely contain and deal with the cow were considered but none were found to be feasible and so after seeking advice from experts the only safe option left was to humanely destroy the animal.

– Dyfed Powys Police spokesperson