GCSE regrade row

The Welsh Government was warned that regrading GCSE exams in English would 'seriously damage' the integrity of the qualification. The comments were made by the WJEC exam board in emails released by the Welsh Government.

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  1. Nick Powell

Changes to GCSE Exam following regrade row

The Welsh Government has told schools there will be changes to the GCSE English exam taken by students who have just begun their two year course. In 2014, all pupils in Wales will have to take a revised exam set by the Welsh board, the WJEC, which was ordered to regrade its results this year.

The main change is to increase form 40% to 60% the marks based on externally assessed exam papers, rather than testing by the schools themselves. One effect of the changes is that the exams set by boards in England will no longer meet the Welsh Government's requirements.

That means that all schools in Wales will have to enter their students for the WJEC's English exam. This year Welsh pupils who had been entered for other boards' exams missed out on the regrading that improved the results of many WJEC entrants.

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