1. Lynn Courtney

Andrew RT Davies: "End Wales' dependency culture"

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives at the Assembly, Andrew RT Davies has called for an end to "a culture of dependency" in Wales and an end to the theatrical ambitions it seems of some members of the Welsh Government whom he has painted as overblown characters from a festive pantomime.

It seems RT sees some of our distinguished Ministers in the guise of Panto Dames, who every time there is a problem point dramatically at the villains of Westminster with cries of " He's behind you".

He had this to say before disappearing in a puff of smoke:

Wales is currently stuck with a pantomime Government, dismissing responsibility in favour of theatre and drama.

With every difficult UK decision comes a shriek of horror from a Welsh Panto Dame who leads the very party that created the problem.Meanwhile, the communities he is responsible for are ignored.

Labour has created a culture of dependency in Wales. It does not favour individual ambition. It does not nurture potential or assist in success. A stale hand of Labour incumbency is choking the windpipe of Welsh opportunity. It needs to loosen its grip and give people the chance to move forward!

– The Leader of the Opposition Andrew RT Davies AM