Future of Welsh Public Services 'bleak'

Welsh councils are warning that three-quarters of public spending cuts are yet to come and that unprotected services could lose half their budget.

  1. Nick Powell

Councils warned of bigger cuts to come

Welsh Councils are being warned of a bleak financial climate, with deep spending cuts lasting until 2021. A report to be launched a Welsh Local Government Conference later today says public services in Wales face a hugely challenging future following spending cuts and reforms to the welfare system.

It claims that three-quarters of public spending cuts are yet to come and that although there'll be some protection for the most important services, the unprotected ones could be cut by 52%. The report was commissioned by the Welsh Local Government Association, the WLGA.

This timely report acts as a wake up call on the true severity of the current and long-term financial crisis in public spending in Wales. Such large cuts, in addition to those already made ,will be difficult to achieve without affecting the range and the quality of services. Councils may be forced to cut, or scale back, spending on a vast array of services. Local government in Wales faces a hugely challenging fiscal situation for many years to come, and we will need to innovate, and we will need to mitigate against the negative effects of spending cuts and welfare reforms.

– Cllr Aaron Shotton, WLGA Spokesperson for Finance

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